Croatia is the host of an array of meticulously beautiful coastal cities. The towns have a rich set of history and culture that date back to ancient times. Besides that, they pride in the warm and cordial sunny weather. The stunning beaches and islands will definitely blow your mind away. If you are a nature fanatic, you will view gorgeous marine life. What’s more, the accommodation is top-notch with impeccable services. hotels in Croatia are epically awesome for all tourists and locals. So, which are the best coastal cities in Croatia? Read on, to know more about the scenic cities.


The city is commonly known as the Pearl of the Adriatic. For sure, as the name suggests; Dubrovnik is a magnificent city to visit. Before we go any further, it has a trail of history that is worth mentioning. It goes way back to the 7th century where it grew as a town with palaces, churches and incredible houses. For this reason, the city retained the structures and refurbished them.
The beaches are clean and a sight to behold. They form the most alluring attractions that you’ve ever laid your eyes on. You will get the normal and moreover, the grandiose beaches. The terrain is eye-catching with high walls, and spectacular cliffs.
It makes the cut as one of the best cities in Croatia. With the sandy and rocky beaches, you can choose which to go to. Breathtaking is the word that describes these natural beaches. If you love grandeur, then you will fall in love with the place. The clear waters are so amazing that you can easily peek at the marine ecosystem. It is a real gem due to the sundry hiking activities that you can take part in.
The city harbors first-rate beaches that are worth the visit. The city is quite relaxing and enjoyable high-quality hotels and restaurants. It boasts of medieval architecture that will ferry you back to the old days. The buildings depict the past which will definitely grab your attention. The waterfront accentuates the beauty of the Split City.
If you don’t like crowded areas, Primosten will work out perfectly for you. It has approximately 3000 people residing there; who make a small population. The beach is serene and tranquil if you need to relax and get some quiet time. You will get to touch base with the Dalmatian tradition and dishes. During summer which is the ideal time to visit, you will be treated to live concerts and foam parties. Hence, apart from swimming, you can dance to some Croatian music. Who doesn’t like that?
Loaded with historical sites, Rovinj claims the tag as one of the excellent coastal cities in Croatia to consider. It has one iconic monument which is the St. Euphemia Church that has a history trail. The church was built by the Venetians and surprisingly, there is a similar church in Greece. The waterfront also adds to the superb port life. Here, you will have a taste of Croatian delicacies. The diverse food is mouth-watering with friendly hosts. You can take a walk to the Brijuni National Park to appreciate nature.
Bottom line
Ultimately, if you are planning a vacation; Croatia should be your next tourist destination. It is self-contained with tidy beaches, tasty food, and national parks. You will not regret visiting the captivating coastal cities since; you will learn all about the history of the towns. The narrow streets will tell you all about the once ancient cities. Owing to that, it is the optimal traveling adventure to plan for. In a nutshell, it is worth every penny.