The Caribbean Islands are among some of the planet’s most spectacular, proving a hot favorite for many filmmakers over the years; more than 20 movies have tapped into thescenery of the turquoise paradise to spruce up their cast! If you are thinking of heading over to discover what makes these islands so in demand, stay tuned because we have a couple of reasons, and they come in the form of the following divine places. Dubbed the Caribbean’s most exceptional, these destinations are sparkling with beauty:

1) Grand Cayman
Tapered with ashy sands that squirm under your feet, and blanketed by the faintest of azure waters, the Grand Cayman presents endless miles of beautiful beach. Spreading out beyond eyesight, the sea seems to merge with the similarly colored sky in the distant, gifting magical views, which typify exactly why cameras exit because there aren’t enough words to describe the bewitching spectacle. That aside, this Caribbean heaven is also desirable for its ritzy accommodation that comes in the form of two luxury hotels namely, Kimpton Seafire and the Ritz-Carlton.

2) Abaco
This archipelago is plucked right out of an island hopper’s fairytale imagination. With coconut-imbued beaches galore and a generous assembly of pristine shores, the Abaco chain is a well-kept secret that offers serene discretion to go with some of the region’s most enchanting wine. You’re also sure to stumble into homey island hotels, historic towns, and colorful marine life jostling for attention, and, of course, any snacks you may have to offer.

3) Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua
Having recently been welcomed into the World Heritage books of UNESCO, Nelson’s Dockyard in the coral-blessed Antigua Island is as beautiful as it is historic. The famous British navy leader Horatio Nelson set up his base here during the late 18 th century, and he went on to deliver victory after victory while losing his eye, right arm, and eventually his life during the victorious Battle of Trafalgar. You can learn all about him and his famous Dockyard while exploring the island’s natural beauty.

4) Tortola
Mother Nature’s wondrous swimming pools are available for all to see in this BVI favorite, which dazzles onlookers with its overwhelming blue, long-standing rum distilleries, and rooftop restaurants overlooking lovely beaches in Cane Garden and Long Bays. The reliable ferry network of the British Virgin Islands also makes Tortola appealing because it’s at the heart of a scintillating island-hopping adventure.

5) Barbados
The birthplace of the multitalented singer Rihanna, party-loving Barbados is the kind of island people write love songs about. White-sand beaches are more the norm than the exception, and days here entail sipping on a piña colada, enjoying the shade of swaying pines, and watching turquoise waves play a one-sided game of tag with the snow-like coastline. Influenced by British traditions, it’s not uncommon to witness English habits such as horse racing, cricket, and afternoon tea etiquette. The lush landscapes, sugar fields, and cultural festivals, on the other hand, have a touch of West African and authentic Caribbean flair!

Still not enough? Well, you’ll be happy to know that that isn’t even the half of it. If you plan to sail Caribbean delights of immense beauty, other hotspots to have on your radar include paradisiacal St. Lucia, snorkeling-popular Turks & Caicos, the awe-inspiring Grenadines, secluded Anguilla, and nocturnal St. Kitts & Nevis.