The Kingdom of Bhutan is often called heaven. The country is highly known for its cultural understanding, simple living, royal palaces, and rich monasteries. The stunning locale of the Himalayas, beauty of the hills and the revering infrastructure makes it one of the most loved tourist destinations in the world. People visit Bhutan not just for its rich culture and indulgent style of living but also for the truly unique dining experience.

The simple living and traditional cooking style of the people here have earned Bhutan special fame for its culinary experience. The restaurants in Bhutan serve some really exquisite taste that savors the taste buds and takes you to another joy ride. When in Bhutan, you cannot miss out on the best restaurants to explore in Bhutan to get the scrumptious local flavor!

Bukhari by COMO

In the beautiful city of Paro, Bukhari is one of the best restaurants to delve into the local taste with ecstasy. Although the restaurant has been designed with an international feel, the food served here is truly unique and desi. Bukhari is a restaurant at Hotel Uma that enriches the taste of the locals and travelers in a delightful way. While some dishes are a twist for the travelers, others are truly authentic to let you enjoy living here. The chili cheese is one of the dishes that is a must try.

Folk Heritage Museum, Thimpu

Like walking into a traditional Bhutanese home, this lovely restaurant is a go-to place in Bhutan for a taste of Bhutanese meal. With a number of dishes derived from the common homes of the people here, the menu highlights specialties like butter tea, buckwheat pancakes, different flavors of Datshi, etc. The authentic meals served in the form of the platter with flavored rice, vegetables, curries, and special flavors are an absolute try here. At Folk Heritage Museum you can relax and savor the taste of Bhutan while enjoying the comfort of the Bhutanese style home.

Babesa Village Restaurant, Thimpu

The native cuisine of Bhutan has a number of dishes that revolve around a non-vegetarian diet. These include dried pork, beef curry, cheesy eggplants, Jasha Maroo, Hoentay, chicken soups, etc. And there is no place better than Babesa Village Restaurant in Thimpu to truly relish into the native cuisine of Bhutan. The meals served to start with an authentic creamy butter soup which is lovingly called as Butter Tea. With a comfortable homely seating experience, terracotta and wooden crockeries, wooden décor and authentic dishes served – it’s an experience that unfolds as you put the spoon on the plate.

Champaca Café

This beautiful café located at a height in Paro is one of the most loved cafes of the town. Brewing excellent coffee and serving a variety of regional and international dishes, the café is a joy to sit and sip through time and connect with the travelers. The menu here features delicacies like Pizza, Pasta, Burger, etc while also serving a number of baked items like cookies, cakes, pastries, and puffs. While the aroma of coffee and baked item fills up café with divinity, the crowd of the travelers makes it quite an experience of conversations, books, music, and knowledge.

Zombala, Thimpu

You cannot skip on visiting Zombala when you are out exploring the markets of Thimpu. It is one of the renowned restaurants in Thimpu serving authentic momos, soups, Datshi, and Bhutanese meals at pocket-friendly prices. The restaurant is moderately designed with visitors coming here to just savor the taste of the chicken and mushroom soups, Bhaksha Paa, Goep, Thukpa, momos, and special tea. In the evenings the restaurant is always full of people. We suggest reaching early here to taste how the locals like their food.

Bhutan Kitchen

For a vegetarian who wants to explore the food scene of Bhutan, the Bhutan Kitchen is the richest offering. This is a very traditional style kitchen dining experience where the dishes are taken right from the local style of living and made with fresh ingredients only. Using local produce, spices, and methods of cooking, the Bhutan Kitchen serves food in a low-seating area that is comfortable and homely. Dishes like red rice, vegetables, curries, butter tea, lentil soup, and meal platters are a must try. The richness of the dishes here is visible in the way these fill up the aroma.

Sonam Tropel Restaurant, Paro

At Paro Tsongdue the Sonam propel Restaurant is a cult place for the vegetarians and vegans to dive into the taste of Bhutan. This place serves most of the Bhutanese traditional meals in the most authentic form but vegetarian. The delicious soups and salads like Goen Hogay, Puta, Lom, Thukpa, Momos, red rice, noodle platters, rice bowls, and flavors of Datshi invite the food lovers to really have an enjoyable experience. Bringing the authenticity of Bhutan in a plate, the place has its own serving style that is truly pictured friendly and heart opener.

Chig-Ja-Gye Restaurant, Thimpu

Travel into the world of Bhutanese culture and living with Chig-Ja-Gye restaurant where every inch of the place speaks about Bhutan. Right from the culturally inspired décor, the style of seating, lighting and the way staff dresses or serves the food – the restaurant brings you closer to Bhutan. The luxurious restaurant serves authentic Bhutanese Meals in the best taste possible. The soups, salads, meat platters, and even Ema Datshi cooked here to celebrate both vegetarian and non-vegetarian taste of the Bhutanese homes and bring the cult experience on the plate. This place promises one of the richest experiences of food in Thimpu.

Thimpu is known for its traditional style of cooking an authentic taste of the dishes like Ema Datshi, Goen Hogay, Lom, momos, Puta, Khur-Le, red rice, Phaksha Paa, Goep and more. Enjoying these meals when in Bhutan can help you learn about the culture of Bhutan while treating your taste buds with a whole bunch of new flavors. The spices of Bhutan speak a story, and it is not possible to read it without tasting the food of Bhutan.