Services Selection Board, oftentimes known as ‘SSB Interview’, is a Personality and Intelligence Assessment Test carried out specially to analyze the manageable and compatibility of candidates for commission into the Armed Forces of India as officers. The interview technique is spread over a span of five days. It consists of a sequence of scientific and time tested Psychological Testing Techniques / Group Discussion / Planning / Outdoor Task and Interview.

The high purpose of choice gadget in SSB is to discover the workable of a candidate, which is have to for becoming an officer in armed forces.The selection machine consists of three unique and impartial strategies to determine the Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) in a candidate.These three strategies are :

Psychological Test: It is carried out through a educated psychologist.Different Pictures / Words and Situation put to the candidate to determine his response in a given time body to check for these OLQs.

GTO’s Tests : These checks are carried out face to face on the floor in which the trying out officer judges the traits based on the overall performance proven via candidates in indoor venture (Group Discussion/ Planning & Lecturette ) & quite a number outside tasks (Group Tasks & Individual Obstacles

Interviewing Officer’s Test : Personal interview of the candidates are performed by way of the Interviewing Officer (IO) to examine their personality profile.

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