For a travel enthusiast, being a vegetarian can be challenging. You want to visit new places but what about the fear of not getting a nutritious diet. After all, not all places can offer vegetarian food. On the other hand, you cannot live on potatoes or bread to avoid meat. And searching for a vegetarian restaurant is nothing but a massive challenge in such situations.

The easiest solution to this problem is traveling to countries that are veggie-friendly. There are a lot of destinations around the globe with the best foods. You can ask Online Travel Agents or search them on the internet by yourself.

Wonderful Destinations for Vegetarian

We have compiled a shortlist of countries that are vegetarian-friendly. You can search further to explore beautiful places and destinations.


For foodie vegetarians, Italy is the best destination to travel and enjoy food. You can eat Pizza, Pasta, Panzanella and many other delicious foods. The country offers an exceptional dine-in experience to travelers. You have plenty of options to choose and surely would love your stay here. Being the homeland of pizza, you can relish all the flavors with cheeses, sauces, and herbs.


This is a country where you can find vegetarian food in every corner. More than 30% population is vegetarian and which makes around 500 million people. That’s enough population for one country. You can enjoy flavourful veggie foods wither you are sitting in a restaurant or street food corner. Moreover, veggie travelers can experience spices as well. You can eat chickpeas, lentils, curried vegetables enriched with unique flavors.

United Kingdom

Don’t fall into a perception that England is all about fish n’ chips. You can find vegetarian food in most of the restaurants. There are places that only offer vegetarian foods. And these are enough to quench your thirst for vegetarian foods. You can enjoy roasted root veggies, Mash potatoes, and delicious veggie pot pie. Don’t forget to try Potato soup and Quinoa cakes, you are going to love them.


This is an amazing travel destination for vegetarians. The food here doesn’t require an introduction to their amazing tastes. There are plenty of ingredients for vegetarians which can keep your belly entertained. You can enjoy vegetables, cheese, beans, and corn tortillas, especially avocado. Travelers can taste Mexican cuisines which are known for the delightful food experience. You get to adore creative dishes with amusing taste and flavor. Foods here often comes with a squeeze of lime along with oregano, coriander, cumin, and chili pepper.

You must taste famous dishes like Huevos a la Mexicana, Chile Relleno, and Esquites or Elote.


The land of smiles is heaven for veggie lovers. You can easily find a food spot to eat mango sticky rice, eggplant basil curries and papaya salads. However, some dishes may contain ingredients such as fish sauce and shrimp paste. Travelers who prefer pure vegetarian meals should search well or ask before placing an order. We advise you to eat at traditional Buddhist restaurants that offer pure veggie foods. Finding them is very easy as they usually have a yellow sign with a red script written inside it.