According to Vedic Yoga by Maharishi Patanjali, there are 10 Yoga asanas that works very effectively in weight loss

Triyak Tadasana:

Stand straight and raise your arms slowly-slowly, till your shoulders horizontally. Then turn your palm and go upwards your arms and touch both hands and slowly- slowly put on your head. After that raise your arms upward and bend toward right side by inhaling. Then come back with upward arms by exhaling. Again bend left side very slowly by inhaling, and come back by exhaling. Do slowly first and then fastly. Now RELAX.


Stand straight with 2-3 feet gap in legs and Start with raising your arms up until parallel to shoulders. Bend as much as possible toward left. Touch your toes with the left hand. And raise your right hand upward with front facing palm. Do same by bending towards the right side with touching right toes with the right hand and raise straight your left hand. Then RELAX. Repeat this position fastly 25 -50 times. According to Baba Ramdev, you can lose your weight 1 kg per day.


Stand straight and raise your arms till your shoulders, then touch your left foot by the right hand and raise your left hand upward and bend downward as possible. The palm of the upward hand should be in front. Do same with your left hand. After that, this process should be fast. So that our chin touches our knees every time. Then RELAX. Do this 25-50 times