Of all the ways to consume cannabis, glass bongs are undoubtedly one of the most emblematic. These devices come in many shapes and sizes, from the simplest to the most updated and improved. From plastic tubes to huge towers with ice cameras and extraordinary craftsmanship made of glass, bongs could be a healthier way to consume cannabis compared to cantus and joints. Bongs, also called water pipes, usually have a cylindrical structure with a wide base for water. A tube with a bowl that starts from the outside of the bong, crosses the surface of the water, which means that the smoke must pass through the water before being inhaled. It is believed that this produces a cleaner and healthier smoke. It also makes the puffs softer and provides a nostalgic and therapeutic sound with the bubbling of the water.

What is to know before using bongs?

To use a bong, you just have to place the opening of the tube in your mouth, bring a flame to the bowl full of cannabis, and inhale carefully to fill the smoke tube. Depending on the type of bong used, the smoker will remove the bowl from the tube or push the finger away from a small hole in the side, in order to empty the bong and fill his lungs with smoke. There you have it. Simple. The bong is an old-school method that has undergone innumerable adaptations in order to remain relevant in the modern cannabis scene, and it does not look like it will disappear in the near future. These are some of the biggest advantages of smoking with a bong.

Bong is very easy to use while smoking

One of the most attractive aspects of smoking cannabis with a bong is its ease of use. Although some bongs are designed to be elegant, the principle of their operation is the same. You only need to light the bowl and inhale through the mouthpiece. Bongs are, in many ways, much easier to use than blunts, pockets, and joints. They do not require any bundling process or external devices, except perhaps a filter, a lighter and a good bud.

The bongs produce more soft wires

Another advantage of the use of bongs is the softness of the puffs they provide. The smoke of the pipe crosses a volume of water, and sometimes, ice. This cools it by providing a much more satisfying and less irritating inhalation experience. It is also believed that water filters smoke in a certain way, possibly eliminating substances that produce less pleasing puffs.

These bongs provide the most abundant flows

The bongs offer an instant rush provided by huge puffs. Think of it this way: if you take a bud of marijuana, crush it and bundle it in a joint, it could take you about 10-15 minutes to feel the effect of THC through your bloodstream. As an alternative, that same amount of cannabis can be placed in the bowl of a bong, turned on, and introduced into your body with a single giant puff. This is what attracts so many people from the bongs as a cannabinoid administration system.

Standard bongs online offer these desirable features, but some models are capable of providing even more ponderous and powerful puffs. Models that include a carburetor allow air to be extracted much more efficiently. During the lighting of the bowl and the initial inhalation, the smoker places a finger on this hole to prevent air from entering. Once the bong is full of smoke, the carburetor pressure is released, allowing outside air to enter the tube and pushing the smoke into the consumer’s lungs.