One of India’s fastest growing NBFC, Bajaj Finserv has helped the credit market of the nation to touch a new milestone. In FY 2017, they introduced the much-awaited co-branded RBL Bank SuperCard and have effectively catered to over 1 million credit card users. Out of this substantial figure, 40% of the users were cardholders for the first time.

The Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard is a one of a kind in the country to touch this milestone under just 2 years of time. This partnership aimed to create a change in India’s credit card market by providing easy-to-access credit cards. This SuperCard facility made use of the unutilised credit card market in India’s Tier I and Tier-II cities. An exponentially growing customer base of 32 million stands testament to this feat. 

You can avail maximum benefits and reduce your expenses by knowing how to use a credit card effectively for purchasing consumer durables. This is how you can do so –

[A] Use it as an EMI card for shopping 

Staying within a budget can at times be a challenging task – be it when you are purchasing a last-minute gift for your child or buying expensive jewellery for your spouse. Unlike before, when you had to figure out ways of accommodating this hefty expenditure – you can now use a Bajaj Finserv credit card to shop at your heart’s content. 

You can later convert these big-ticket expenses into manageable EMIs and pay it off conveniently. All of EMI conversion on the credit card happens through the hassle-free paperless procedure. Added to this, you also get to enjoy pre-approved offers for existing customers. 

These pre-approved offers streamline the process of availing finances and provide customers with innovative and industry-benefits. Pre-approved offers are applicable on Bajaj Finserv credit cards, personal loans, business loans and home loans among numerous other financial products. By sharing a few necessary details, you can check your pre-approved offer.

[B] Enhancing customers’ buying experience

Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard offers enhancement to the digital trend in India, as it provides several consumer benefits over regular credit cards. 

Additionally, if you know how to use a credit card wisely, you can use it to finance different customer durables, including special amenities. It offers a generous reward programs with enhanced benefit as well.  

In addition to this, a SuperCard offers borrowing opportunities through instant loans and ATM cash withdrawals. It also features robust security features like  ‘in-hand’ security and ‘zero-fraud liability cover’ that provides safety measures for today’s digital payments scenario.

You can avail more than 6 variants of SuperCard offering tailor-made features to a larger consumer segment. Depending on your spending habits and financial portfolio, you need to choose the right credit card for yourself.   

 [C] Use it to rack up reward points

With a SuperCard in hand, you will be eligible for numerous money-saving benefits such as cashbacks and rebates. Shop anywhere in the country and abroad for consumer durables to earn reward points on every purchase – whether it is offline or online. 

Along with rewards, you will also be eligible for bonus points as welcome gift on your RBL Bank credit card – which can go up to 20,000 points based on your eligibility and the variant. Further, you also get to enjoy rebates on movie tickets, buy-one-get-one-free tickets, access to the airport lounge, fuel surcharge waivers, etc. Ensure that you know how to redeem your credit card reward points to make the most out of it. 

Providing both convenience and value through advanced technology, the co-branded credit card extends the privileges of plastic cashless payment to meet a diverse range of needs of Indian cardholders. This aligns with the nation’s advance towards cashless and digitised modes of monetary transactions and allows the users to enjoy the benefits that come with it.