The business analytics companies in India are crowding the space with established businesses and start ups hiring 100% more in 2019 compared to what they did between 2015 and 2018. In less than three years, we are witnessing a resurgence of Big Data analytics and AI ML projects taking the shine off IT jobs in the start up industry.

If you are still hoping to survive the onslaught of Analytics wave in India without a professional degree or certification, you may well be swept into the oblivion.

It’s your chance to rise and shine, and that’s why we suggest unhindered current “hot” work titles in the global analytics job market that are essentially crafted for professionals passing with online Analytics courses in India.

Cloud Security and Backup Analyst

Big companies such as a Symantec, Cloudera, Intel and SAP are changing their Cloud workforce with sensational job titles that are paying 25% higher compared to the recent Cloud jobs related to security and administration. In the US, Canada, Mexico, UK and China, the role of Cloud Security and Back Up Analyst is associated with the growing demand for the Blockchain based Cloud management systems.

In 2019-2020, you should prepared to brush your ego aside and aim to get a job to handle the cutting-edge Enterprise Cloud Security with AI powered technology and encryption strategies.

Metadata Engineer / Data Democracy Enabler

There are not more than 50 thousand Metadata engineers in Asia. The demand for a metadata engineer who can fit in as a BI analyst seems to be the next wild card entry for IT professionals in the major cloud companies. With Python and R Training, you can become a handy ETL workflow automation manager in any data management platform /metadata engineering solutions company.

AR VR Analytics

AR VR technologies can help businesses reestablish the expectations from product demos, employee interviews, and data visualization techniques. It is not time-saving opportunity for hyper-growth focused companies but also evidently technology-agnostic. It means that the AR VR analytic companies are better prepared to sustain and consolidate over trends in technology compared to traditional BI companies.

If you are learning from Analytics courses in India for Python training, AI ML and Data Visualization, it is most likely to be training you in understanding elevated opportunities in the BI industry.

These job titles are expected to churn in 150,000 established professionals in the next three to four years. The largest employers would belong to AR VR and AI ML startup ecosystems. Established players from software, hardware, data analytics, lead generation, IoT suppliers, Sales and Marketing, Social Media and Publishing industries have a great chance to change the paradigm of job market in India.

All major urban business systems such as Banking and Finance, automotive, healthcare, IT and ITES, Market Research, Consultancy, Fintech and Legal tech companies are hiring smart eligible IT professionals who have a certified degree from best Analytics Courses in India.