Everyone loves the warm luster of a fireplace on a frigid night as well as the inviting balm of a fire even when the summer night is warm. What’s even better is when the allure of a blaze can be conjured effectively on command and can be contoured to fit into any living arrangement. That’s where linear fireplaces come in. Linear fireplaces are a modern twist on the traditional function of fireplaces and are designed to be sleekly incorporated into areas that require a slim inset or a linear feature rather than a cubic design. Linear fireplaces offer an alternative to the traditional styling of most fireplace inserts and are frequently found as electric or gas models that can be customized with specific flame color, height, and ember beds. Certain models offer the convenient option of heat control so that the ambience of a fire can be offered without adding extra heat during warm spells or in the summer. Gas models are the perfect meeting point between the function of a wood fireplace and the convenience and ease of use of a gas fireplace. At Embers Living you will find your choice of a 38, 42, 54, 60, 62, 72, 74 and even 100+ Inch Linear Gas Fireplace.

The Right Size and Features
Embers Living is the proud purveyor of some of the most stylish and highest quality linear fireplaces in the industry. When you need a 60 Inch Linear Gas Fireplace , you’ll be sure to find it at Embers Living, all of which choices include a host of customizable features to add even more flair to your fireplace and living space. Empire Boulevard offers several choices in a 60 inch linear gas fireplace to the modern fireplace aficionado that all offer your choice of natural gas or propane as fuel. For its customizable features you might choose Empire Boulevard’s DVLL60BP for its pleasing yet demur looks and customizable features, setting a gas flame into a linear housing above driftwood, rocks and crushed glass media. To fit your living space, you have the option of tailoring your crushed glass beds by color to best suit the backdrop of your quarters and lend a complimentary hue to the environment. It also features a remote control for ease of management of flame height, blower, and lighting. You might choose Empire Boulevard’s Contemporary, which offers the same customizable features of the former with respect to trim and color settings, but also brings 40,000 BTUs to the table for robust room heating capability. To take advantage of a backdrop or vista you might even go for Empire Boulevard’s see-thru vent free 60 inch linear gas fireplace. Offering many of the same features of customizability as the previous two models, the see-thru model is ideal for those in a bucolic or picturesque setting as it allows for the beauty of the outdoors to shine through into your living area.

Embers Living – Best in Class Customer Service
An impressive inventory and quality models aren’t the only reason you trust Embers Living for your heating solutions. The team at Embers Living is dedicated not only to the aesthetics and practicality of fireplaces, stoves, and grills, but also to the customer experience. Embers Living has a team of staff committed to ensuring that their customers receive the system that will suit their needs perfectly and bring them not only the warmth but also the appeal and effect they desire. When your time to invest in a 60 inch linear gas fireplace is up, you’ll be sure to find what you need at Embers Living, both in terms of equipment and service. Head to www.embersliving.com today to see all they have to offer today.

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