Embers Living invites you to take a long look at the extensive amount of electric fireplaces we have available at our online store! For a great price, you can Buy Electric Fireplaces Online and feel that cozy, comfortable feeling of a fireplace installed in your room in a matter of days! Between the prices, selection, and excellent shipping policy, you won’t be disappointed with what we have to offer.

These electric fireplaces will give you the same feeling of a real one, but includes the ability to adjust the heating settings! Take, for example the Napoleon Alluravision. A highly popular choice in our selection, the electric fireplace comes in three different sizes and can heat up as much as 800 square feet of space. Talk about keeping your place warm and toasty! If you giving your room that dimly lit aesthetic, the electric fireplace also comes with an LED screen that has adjustable lighting for you to make it as bright or as dim as possible. In fact, it’s so detail-oriented, that you can adjust the speed of the flames themselves. There are five different flame speed options for those looking for variety every time they start their electric fireplace.

How easy is it to control these settings? It’s absolutely simple. Each electric fireplace comes with a remote control that is easy to work around. You can use the different buttons and switches available to increase or decrease the different settings each electric fireplace offers. After installation, you’ll have no trouble creating the perfect indoor atmosphere for yourself with your newest purchase.

We also offer electric fireplaces that come in unique designs that we highly encourage you to view. Our Napoleon CLEARion See Thru fireplace can be placed casually in any frame and give your living area a unique design. In addition to having adjustable heat and flame colors, you’ll be able to see right through the fireplace itself. With the patented technology used to create this particular model, this is considered the first true see-through fireplace. Through our online shop, you can purchase and experience this for yourself!

In addition to our electric fireplaces, we offer other household items that make living in your own home that much better. Our touch screen remote controllers can communicate effectively with different systems in your house, such as your air and heating conditioner. The backlit LCD screen makes it super easy to see every aspect of the system you wish to adjust or control. On top of that, they come with docking stations for you to place the remote on so that the batteries can be charged for further use. We also offer electric fireplaces that come in unique designs that we highly encourage you to view.

If you have any questions about a product that you may have purchased or wish to simply know more, contact us and we’ll be sure to give you responsive feedback. We have our online customer service, “Embers Chat” readily available for you to ask questions. During business hours, we’ll be sure to respond as soon as possible.

Looking to make a big splash now? Domestic shipping is our specialty. We can ship to up to 48 states. When you make an order, we’ll always be sure to let you know how long it will take for us to ship that item. So when you buy your electric fireplace online, we’ll immediately let you know when it is expected. All products we ship are handled with the utmost care. With freight deliveries, we always have movers on deck, giving you excellent service that will ensure your items are delivered safely.

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