One of the biggest money drains is electronics. What do you get as a gift for yourself or for someone else? Electronics. What is the one thing you use every day throughout the day? Electronics, but, specifically, your smartphone. Apple iPhones and other smartphone devices are a huge component of our every day lives. We use them to make phone calls, send text messages, play games, monitor social media, and even search the Internet for literally anything. So, when the time finally comes that your smartphone is not working as expected, you panic. Maybe you dropped your phone and the iPhone screen cracked keeping you from being able to browse the web or send text messages. Or perhaps your battery is getting old and not holding its charge as long as it used to, or dying on you when you need it most. Whatever the case, you have two options: 1. Buy a new iPhone, or 2. Buy Iphone Parts to replace old or broken parts of your current phone.

Many people tend to choose option number one because with a new phone comes new features and benefits. However, as with anything new, especially when it comes to iPhones, prices are never cheap. The most reasonable and cost-effective choice would be to go with option number two. If you decide to buy replacement iPhone parts, the best place with the most options would be iDemiGods. An online supplier of replacement parts for your iPhone and other devices, iDemiGods has hundreds of parts to choose from for all kinds of applications from touch LCD screens to batteries, home button, adhesive strips and much more. Even better yet, all of their products are incredibly affordable and ship fast so that you can get what you need in record time and get your smartphone back in working condition to get back to living an easier lifestyle.

Okay. So, you’ve decided to buy iPhone parts for replacement over buying a completely new iPhone. Smart decision. But what about getting these parts put in place? Well, no fret. With every product listed on their website, iDemiGods rates the install difficult level from easy to difficult. If it’s easy, you’ll have no problem fixing your smartphone issue. If it has a moderate or difficult install rating, then, again, you have two options: 1. Try installing it yourself or, 2. Take your replacement iPhone parts to an authorized iPhone repair center and have them install in for you.

At iDemiGods, we recommend getting your iPhone replacement parts from us and taking them to an authorized repair center. This way, there will be no risk of causing for damage to your phone. In addition to our replacement parts, we also offer tools and accessories to make the replacement process easier. For those who will be replacing parts themselves, we have the necessary tools to keep track of the small parts of your phone and aid in lifting edges so that you can reach those small, hard-to-get-to places.

If you’re wondering iPhones we carry replacement parts for, here is a brief list: iPhone 7, iPhone 7Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 3, iPhone 1st Gen and much more. We also carry parts for iPad, iPod, and other devices. For more information visit us online at where you’ll be able to browse for all the parts you need by type. If you can’t find what you are looking for, reach out to us via our contact page on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Whatever replacement part you need for your device, we have. Reach out and visit us online, today!

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