When it comes to choosing a printer some care does need to be taken, as what may seem to be a cheap printer can cost you a great deal of money in the long run.

Firstly you have two main choices, black and white, or colour. Then you have three common forms of printer type to choose from – inkjet, thermal and laser.

However thermal printers are not commonly sold in high street stores and are commonly used in more industrial applications such as till printers. They provide a highly reliable, cheap form of printing, but are not suited to printing out high-quality detailed printing.

Inkjet printers are widely sold for home usage and can be bought in both black and white, and colour forms, yet whilst they are cheap to buy they can cost several hundred pounds if bought as part of a multi-functional unit that can print, copy and fax.

Also, great care should be taken when buying one in order to look at how much the consumable items such as the ink toner costs. They can vary widely in price, with many of the cheapest printers to buy, ending up costing the most to run.  One example of this is not just the cost of the printer toner cartridges, but the type of cartridges. This is because some colour printers use black toner and three individual colour cartridges. It is important to try and buy a printer that has the ability to buy all four toners separately, as cheaper printers may well have an “All in one” cartridge containing all four toners. This may seem ideal, yet it is far from it, as an example if you mainly print black and white documents, then the black toner may well have run out when the colour toners are still virtually full. Yet with an “All in one cartridge” you have to replace the whole thing, costing you dearly over the life of the printer.

These inkjet printers are ideal for home use but if you need to print a lot in volume then you may well need to buy a laser printer, as in general, these offer the highest print quality and the fastest printing speed. The toner cartridges are not the cheapest but they will often last for a very long time when compared to an inkjet printer.

So when it comes to buying your 3d printer afterpay

the hardware then have a careful look at what you are printing in order to get the printer that offers the best whole life costs.