Cambridge doesn’t educate pre-drug by any stretch of the imagination. Prescription, in the UK, is learned at the undergrad level. In the US, as you probably are aware, you first need to get a single men degree in another subject, and after that apply to drug school. That is not the situation in the UK. In the UK, you apply to medication, as your real course of study, for your lone wolves degree.

Know, be that as it may, that on the off chance that you do study drug at Cambridge, you won’t have the option to rehearse in the US without going through the motions. You’d need to look into that first do my homework cheap.


You can, obviously, major in something different at Cambridge, something that would give you the comparable to the US medicinal school pre-essential coursework. Maybe science? And after that you would be qualified to enter a US prescription school. Be that as it may, the UK college framework isn’t set up equivalent to the US framework is, so you’d have to painstakingly investigate the course you do in the UK to ensure it gives all of you the math and science coursework expected of US prescription schools.

Realize that pre-medications is basically an arrangement of advisement, in the US. You aren’t really learning prescription by any stretch of the imagination. You’re taking the prescription school pre-req classes: bio, material science, chem, natural chem, and so on. It’s not as though you’d learn distinctive science on the off chance that you went to uni in the UK. With the goal that’s not a worry.

Nonetheless, as I stated, on the off chance that you were to really study medication in the UK, that would not be a smooth progress to the US. You can’t just examination medication in the UK, at that point appear in the US and practice. You may need to do certain coursework at a US medications school, in the event that you can get in, and furthermore do a US residency. Once more, you have to inquire about this.