If you have been using the parking lot for many years, the line may be peeled off and disappear. At that time, parking may be difficult and there may be a problem with the next car. Also, it looks less beautiful than anything else.

I want to pull the line a new if the line comes off. But is anyone able to do parking line pulls?
Even if you draw a line by yourself, it is safe if you can consult with a driveway paving company when you do not understand.

This time, I will show you how to draw a parking line by yourself.
There is a way for everyone to get rid of it, so you should be able to get rid of your fears.

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Table of contents

  • Can I draw a line to the parking lot?
  • Who draw lines such as roads?
  • 2 ways to draw a line to the parking lot by yourself
  • Things to do before starting to draw a line
  • Use paint
  • Use tape and burner
  • Summary

Can I draw a line to the parking lot?

Generally, parking lot line drawing is often asked a contractor.

Therefore, if you are having trouble to draw the parking line you are using, you should first contact the parking owner or management company.

If you draw a line yourself, be sure to let the owner or management company know if it is a leased parking lot.

If you draw the line without permission, it may cause trouble.

Who draw lines such as roads?

Besides the parking lot, various lines such as white lines and road markings are drawn on roads. These line drawings may be performed by the administration of the city or by the police.

Therefore, even if the road line is peeling off, you should not pave the road. If you find that the road line has come off, you may want to contact the city or the police to consult on the pavement.

Two ways to draw a line on the parking lot yourself

You can easily draw your own parking lot by yourself.

However, if you draw a line with DIY rather than a professional contractor, the following mistakes are likely to occur.

  • You cannot draw the line well
  • You can make the unevenness of the line
  • The line will peel off soon

Line drawing is basically a work done by a contractor, so it may not work well if an unprofessional does it. In this article, we will introduce two ways that even non-professional ones can be successful.

(1) Draw a line using paint

You can draw a line using white paint that is hard to fall off in the rain.

Because it is a roller method, it is easy for anyone to do, and it is safe because there is no need to use dangerous materials.

(2) Draw a line using a tape and a burner

You can also draw a line with tape and burner that melts when it gets hot.

You will have to deal with fire, so you will need to be fully aware of burns and safety around you. With these two methods, anyone can effectively draw a line.

Let’s look at each method and procedure.

Things to do before starting to draw a line

Before starting the parking line, there are a few things to do.

Be sure to do this because you cannot draw a line beautifully without doing this.

What to prepare

  • Powder
  • Measure for broom
  • choke
  • choke reel
  • A thing which can be extended straight
  • protractor

What is a chalk reel?

A chalk reel is a tool for drawing a straight line with chalk powder. It has powdery chalk attached to a string wound like a fishing reel, and the powder falls on the ground by pulling the string with a finger, and a simple line is drawn.

Preparation procedure

(1) Clean the place to draw the line

First of all, use a broom or the like to clean the asphalt underlying the line. Paints cannot be applied if pebbles or rubbish are dropped or moist. Before you start painting, be careful and clean.

(2) Mark with chalk

In order to draw the line clean, it is necessary to mark it with chalk beforehand.

For example, the size of a medium-sized car is “total length 4.8 m, total width 1.7 m”, so mark this section so that it can be pulled out. It is easy to do this work by using a chalk reel and a measure together.

  1. Draw one long line (4.8 m + 0.1 m) straight using a chalk reel. At this time, in order to put a line on the head side of the car, mark the end and 10 cm inside.
  2. Draw a short line (1.7 m + 0.1 m + 0.1 m) straight.

In the same way, mark the end and 10 cm inside. You may use a protractor to draw at a right angle. When using, measure the angle of the choke line pulled earlier and the choke reel pulled.

  1. Pull the remaining one (4.8m + 0.1m) straight.

Preparation is complete.

Method 1: Use paint

It is a method of drawing a parking lot line using paint.

It is more difficult for the paint to peel off if the primer (paint for making the substrate) is applied before the paint is applied and the substrate is made. Since we can draw a line sufficiently without a primer, here we will introduce the method of only paint.

Things to prepare

  • Masking tape
  • Paint
  • Roller
  • Roller for saucer


(1) Apply masking tape

First, apply masking tape to the outside of the width of the line drawn in advance and cure.

Being cured protects the lines from sticking around when applying paint, and the line is finished beautifully.

(2) Paint

Now start to do paint in between the two lines of masking tape. Paint well there is no dry place so that the paint applied on the parking lot well.

(3) Peel off the masking tape

After painting, let’s remove the masking tape. If the paint hardens, the tape may be difficult to peel off.

You should carefully remove the tape to prevent the paint on the tape from falling to the ground.


(4) To dry

It takes time for the paint to dry. For half a day or more, leave a tag that prohibits entry and leaving so that no one else can step on the line.

If the paint spills out, rinse with water or wipe it off before drying.

Method 2: Use tape and burner

Next, I will introduce how to draw a parking lot using special tape and burner. It is a method of drawing a line by melting the tape with a burner and baking it on asphalt.

Things to prepare

  • Primer (for asphalt)
  • Roller
  • Roller for saucer
  • Road marking tape
  • Burner for road marking


(1) Make a base with a primer

Save the primer paint on the roller pan and use the roller to treat the substrate. At that time, it is better to paint more than the width of the tape.

The primer should be applied firmly as it is used to strengthen the adhesion between asphalt and tape.

(2) Put the tape

When the primer is dry, place the road marking tape.

Since there is no adhesion to the tape, please consider it as a temporary line.

(3) Check that the tape is straight

Look from a distance and check the tape for distortion. Let’s fine-tune to be straight.

(4) Heating with a burner

Burn a tape with a burner and heat it.

  1. Heat the entire sheet so that it fits on the substrate.

It is good to heat while reciprocating by adjusting the distance so that heating is not concentrated in one place.

  1. As the heating progresses, the unevenness of asphalt gradually becomes visible from the top of the tape.

Gradually bubbles and bulges appear but do not stop heating.

If heating is stopped at this stage, the heating will be inadequate and the appearance will deteriorate.

  1. After a while, a small hole starts to open in the sheet. This is a mark that heating is complete. Take care not to heat anymore, as it will turn brown or black and will not turn back if overheated.

(5) Cool

When heating is complete, wait for the tape to cool.

After about 3 hours, the tape will cool enough, so make sure to keep a no-access tag until then.


Parking lot line can be easily done. There are some ways in which a layman would not be successful, but the methods using paints and burners are relatively easy to succeed.

In addition, if you do not carefully check if there is any distortion in the line when drawing the line, the appearance of the finish will be worse.

If you are concerned about such things, do not try to draw the line yourself and ask professional pavers to draw a beautiful line as they are doing asphalt paving regularly and drawing lines as well so they draw a line very beautiful for you.