Car Collection Makes No Sense for South Kalimantan Coal Boss Haji Sam – Artists from Indonesia who like collections of cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari and others really make their eyes widen.

This is because the artists collect cars worth billions of rupiah.

But it seems that the artists will lay down when they find out the collection of unreasonable car dealers from Kalimantan, Haji Sam.

Quoted from the East Tribune, Wednesday (21/11) Kalimantan island which is rich in coal made a person named Andi Syamsuddin Arsyad or Haji Sam (40) become a wealthy businessman in Tanah Bumbu district, South Kalimantan.

Just imagine, in a month Haji Isam’s income from the coal mine alone reached Rp. 40 billion.

Not to mention other companies like PT Jhonlin Grup, namely PT. Jhonlin Baratama, PT. Jhonlin Marine and Shipping and also PT. Jhonlin Air Transport.

Financial coffers that are fairly crazy make Haji Isam collect various kinds of cars, especially offroad cars.

Refer to Youtube channel @ apunk65 channel, in the video shows the giant garage and workshop owned by Hajj Isam which contains hundreds of luxury cars.

In the garage there is a Toyota FJ40 Cruiser with a unit worth Rp 1.6 billion.

There, dozens of FJ40 cars were used for the operational vehicles of the Haji Isam family while the rest were only protected for spare parts.

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