A car is the second companion of one’s. It is not less than a friend where roam around with you and gives you the pleasure of confidence and serenity. You also make your moment memorable in your car like going along with your soulmate to an exotic place- a long journey turns pleasant with a fit car and that fitness of the car rejoices more when the Auto Stereo System is working perfectly. Music is calmness and peace of mind. It feels like a heaven with music being on playing in the Car Stereo System. But the huge difference comes ahead to confront with that is you should be thinking of the best car music jockey installation with an Affordable Car Sound System.

The most significant thing to think of is that your car stereo system probably doesn’t sound as good as you might think it should be doing. And that it is not that a judgmental statement. The fact is that the sound system is one of the places that sound system manufacturing companies almost universally neglect in the name of higher profits, and most people don’t even comprehend what they’re missing.

If a car stereo sounds okay to enough people, then that’s all the OEMs are usually looking for. Even factory-installed “premium sound systems” usually aren’t up to the date. So how can you imagine if your built-in audio system needs a little tender loving care? A good number of Car Sound System Installer Oakland CA are offering such a test and bid you affordable quotes. Here’s a test that just about anyone can do, thus before rushing to the local car sound system repairing and installing company, you should get this simple test to ensure to what extent your audio stereo system is working great and what you will be needing to improve and upgrade it.

  1. Go and sit inside your car, shut the doors, and draw up the window panes.
  2. Plugin the sound system with MP3 or MP4 and play bombastic music of your choice and turn up the volume. Don’t be confused to go higher than you normally do, but we aren’t talking “blow out your eardrums” high.
  3. Listen to the music.
  4. Feel, is there any cranky sound
  5. The speaker leaf bursting sound comes along
  6. Compare what the sound sounds in woofer handsfree and in your car sound system
  7. If you feel something abnormal then change the bass and tutor of the audio system
  8. If the problem still persists, then go and see if anything there before the speakers blocking its way.
  9. Thump up the speaker and feel does it render any change in sound
  10. Knock up speaker box and if you can do it yourself to inspect peek inside to see the wires

When You Need to Upgrade Your Auto Audio System

After judging the above testing checks, then you should be ascertaining the reasons why you need to improve your sound system in your car. It is not necessary to only go to a sound system specialist when your car’s stereo system breaks down but also when it starts giving some jerky problems with bad sound problems.

There are almost three major reasons for car audio problems. Of course, one is of old age, and the problems thereof are foreseeable. The second reason is components that do not work or match perfectly to enable the manufacture of high-quality sound. The other cause, which ensues to be quite common, is improper installation.


When any of the above reasons happens to occur, many of the car audio problems can result in utter failure of the car audio system. Some problems are connected to the radio as well whilst others are speaker associated. The lines mentioned below to inform on some of the most general car stereo problems and how to find them. In case of finding the problem, which may lead your audio stereo system to be the breakdown. So, then you are highly recommended to go for Car Sound System Installation in Oakland CA to get a branded audio sound system which definitely unlike the traditional sound systems, will last longer.

Common Car Stereo System Problems

  • Sound System Breakdown
  • Radio Not Working Properly
  • Head Units Have No Power
  • Sound Comes so Dead
  • Unpredictable Stopping of Speakers
  • No Bass From Car Speakers
  • Unwanted Noises From Car Stereo System
  • Speakers Become Too Hot
  • Car Stereo Problems Due To Poor Grounding