Success Factors for Captive Companies in Central Luzon Cold Storage Market

The several contributing factors that assist cold storage companies to operate successfully in the Central Luzon Region of Philippines include high focus on chilling and freezing processes, overcoming truck ban challenges, undertake GPS tracking, adoption of effective marketing strategies such as direct and event marketing., conquering alternate temperature ranges, maintaining the high quality of equipment and several others. The Central Luzon cold storage industry also incorporates technical requirements for setting up a cold storage facility.

Production of Cold Storage Products in Central Luzon

The Philippines have emerged as one of the biggest traders of seafood in the world. The country was observed to import fish and other aquatic consumables worth USD ~ million and export USD ~ million in 2018 thereby indicating a high trade scenario in the country. In the region of Central Luzon, the maximum production of fish and seafood products takes place for Seaweed, Milkfish, and Tilapia which collectively contributed ~ thousand metric tons as of 2018. Other leading categories for fish production in Central Luzon include Skipjack, Roundscad, Yellowfin Tuna, and Tiger Prawn. The leading provinces for fish and seafood production in Central Luzon included ~, ~, and ~. They were observed to collectively account for ~ thousand metric tons of production in Central Luzon as of 2017. Other leading provinces included ~ and ~. The production of fisheries in Central Luzon has been observed to progressively increase in the provinces ~ and ~. However, the production in provinces such as ~, ~, and ~ has been significantly fluctuating. In the case of ~ and ~, the production of fisheries has in fact, fallen during the period 2015-2017.

The production of poultry in the Philippines was identified to be the highest for Chicken and Chicken Eggs. They were observed to collectively account for a production volume of ~ thousand metric tons as of 2018. The other high demand poultry products in the Philippines include Duck Eggs and Ducks which were observed to collectively account for ~ thousand metric tons as of 2018.  During the period 2016-2018, growth was observed for chicken, chicken eggs and duck eggs.  However, the production of duck was identified to decline from ~ thousand metric tons in 2016 to ~ thousand metric tons in 2018. The major provinces for the production of chicken in Central Luzon include ~, ~, and ~ which collectively accounted for ~ thousand metric tons as of 2018. The other leading provinces in the region include ~ and ~.  The provinces with least production of chicken in Central Luzon were analyzed to be ~ and ~ as they collectively accounted for ~ thousand metric tons of production as of 2018. While provinces such as ~, ~ and ~, observed growth in production of chicken, ~, ~, and ~ observed a consistent decline.

Number of Cold Storage Establishments in Central Luzon

The majority of the cold storage in The Philippines has been estimated to be in the ~ region of the Philippines accounting for approximately ~ cold storage warehouses as of 31st December 2018. Additionally, the Central Luzon region has been anticipated to house around ~ cold storages. Within Central Luzon, the provinces of ~, ~, and ~ were identified to cater to ~% of the total cold storages in the country. Moreover, the region has an estimate of ~ food establishments as of 2018 and witnesses the existence of ~ cold storage warehouses for fruits and vegetables.

Potential Customers for Cold Storage Companies

The various potential customers for cold storage services in the region of Central Luzon include food production and processing companies such as ready-to-eat food companies and confectionary companies, grocery stores selling fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood companies, pharmaceutical companies, dairy companies, restaurants, and kitchens. Among them, the majority of the cold storage services are required by meat and seafood and pharmaceutical companies. Meat and seafood companies have been observed heavily engage in the used freezer and blast freezer services. They are expected to take cold storage services from logistics companies or operate their own cold storage. However, they are highly unlikely to take cold storages from fellow captive companies in the industry. Additionally, they are less likely to recommend the cold storage services they are taking to other clients owing to high competition in the meat and seafood space of Central Luzon.

Key Target Audience:-

Captive Cold Storage Companies

Logistics Companies

Cold Storage Technology Companies

Cold Chain Associations

Logistics Associations

Private Equity Firms

Venture Capitalists

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Historical Period: 2013-2018

Forecast Period: 2018-2023E

Case Studies Covered:-

Jentec Cold Storage

Royale Cold Storage

Nestle Philippines Inc

Key Topic Covered in This Report:-

Central Luzon Cold Transport Market

Central Luzon Third Party Logistics Market

Central Luzon Cargo and cold chain logistics

Central Luzon Cold Storage Market Segmentation

Central Luzon Cold Storage Market Revenue

Central Luzon Nestle Philippines

Central Luzon Dairy Product Storage Companies

Central Luzon Cold Storage Advantage

Cold Storage Market in Central Luzon

Central Luzon Cold Storage Market

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