Although a locksmith carry-out nearly the same jobs regardless of the area in which he works, a commercial locksmith has to shoulder certain extra responsibilities inferable from the need to protect private and confidential information at workplaces. Along with repairing, replacing and rekeying locks, they work around strengthening the security mechanisms at commercial establishments.

Field of Service

As said already, the primary differentiation between residential locksmiths or so far as that is concerned a mobile locksmith is a field in which they work. In contrast to them, a commercial Locksmith NYC works only with businesses from government offices, hospitals, caf├ęs, to retail outlets and schools to name a few. They might attend to calls from residential customers or requests for locksmith services related to cars. It relies upon whether they work independently or for a company.

Here are some basic duties of commercial locksmith:

Installing Locking Systems

This is the basic duty of a locksmith. It includes installing new indoor and outside locks. It includes installing keyed and key-less locks too. Key-less entry systems incorporate Biometrics, card access systems, and Maglocks.

Fixing and Rekeying Already Installed Locks

Damaged locks require regular repair in particular at commercial and business centers. Natural wear and tear cause damage to the locks. In the same manner, it includes extracting keys stuck in locks. Rekeying is another significant procedure taken care of by a commercial locksmith NYC. It includes replacing internal tumbler. It is on a par with installing new keys as the old key can’t be used to operate it.

On-Premises Security Systems

A commercial locksmith can be of exceptional help as regards to fitting security and surveillance systems on your commercial premises. The security requirement changes from organization to organization. An expert locksmith NY will assess the security requirements of the organization and in this way eliminate the guesswork in it. They assess the security objectives, the indoor and outdoor areas that require monitoring and other specific security requirements. After an assessment, the locksmith designs a security system that especially meets your needs and budgets.

Safe Installation

Locksmith service is also called for to install a wall or floor safe. They can open a safe or design duplicate keys for the same.


Commercial locksmiths normally have access to an organization’s security systems. So, they are required to go through criminal record verification apart from training before they are awarded a licensing certificate.