1. Bad Profile Optimization-This is the first common twitter mistake. Your profile is the first thing anyone is going to see. As you know “The first impression is the last impression”. This looks so dumb having an egg or just a puppy on your profile photo. Set a proper profile photo (Headshot is better), impressive cover photo stating your thoughts. You can change your twitter’s theme color with matching your brand. Always use 400*400 pixels profile photo and 1500*500 pixels cover photo. One more thing is to write a perfect bio. Let people know who you are. Try to include your professional work and position in bio.
  2. Improper use of hashtags-This one is a huge problem. Either people too much hashtags or don’t use even one. Mostly times twitter newbie don’t know which hashtags they need to use. If I take an example of this post I’m going to use #Twittertips #twittermistakes #socialmedia. I recommend you should use 3-4 hashtags in your tweet. But it’s always better doing research which hashtag will perform better for you.
  3. Neglecting videos– Anothercommon twitter mistakeis neglecting video tweets. Do you love watching videos or loves reading text content? What you do more? Can you imagine why Youtube is growing so fast because everyone loves to watch videos? A study from twitter shows that video tweet gets 10x more exposure than a tweet without video and a survey of 3.7 million accounts by twitter stats that promoted video tweets saved more than 50 percent on their cost per engagement.
  4. Not Spreading the love-Do you feel special when someone loves your tweet? I think yes and others too. When someone tweets your content or mention you anywhere try to feel them special. It doesn’t cost you anything.
  5. Not Adding a Comment while retweetingMost of us ignore this. When reweeting someone else’s tweet, twitter gives a feature to add your own comment. It’s a good place to show your own point of view regards that tweet. A research said adding your own comment gives you more exposure than a simple RT.
  6. Ignoring Twitter Lists– Most newbies don’t know about twitter lists. You can organize tweets by using twitter lists. Take an example you want to keep an on your friends and customers at the same time on twitter. You can create two separate lists one for your friends and one for your customers. You can easily track both and also find tweets to retweet from your customers to make close relationship with them.
  7. Auto Direct Messaging-Automation is a good thing if you use this smartly. It saves a lot of time. If you are just sending automated message to everyone, there are very view persons who would open your message. And what if they open your message and read it, they are not going to text back. Everyone knows about automation and they know that it’s just an automated message. Who wants to receive a message from robots?
  8. Sending Same Tweet or Message to Everyone– People love personalized things. Take some time know about the person, his/her interests and send them a personalized message. They will surely be going to text you back.
  9. Post’s Mobile Usability– How can I forget this common twitter mistake to include in the list? According to a study, 80 percent of Twitter users use Twitter on their mobile and 93 percent of video views comes from twitter mobile. So it’s important to tweet mobile-friendly tweets. Probably you have heard about mobile-friendly website. Use proper size of images, videos or gifs that can be easily seen while scrolling twitter feed.
  10. Not Being a part of twitter Communities-Twitter is all about connection. Many of us made this twitter mistake and some of us still doing the same. Take participate in twitter communities, join twitter chats. Give value and respect to people. It’s not just about you. Never abuse anyone.
  11. Copying the same strategy of big brands– Mostly new social media marketerstry to copy the exact same strategy what big brands are doing. But they don’t know that they have a different type of audience from them. One more important point is that big brands invest a lot in R&D and have a lot of resources. So it’s better to create your own Twitter marketing strategy. Always keep experimenting with new things and learning what works for you best.
  12. Doing Spelling and Grammar Mistakes– Spelling and grammar mistakes is the best way to look unprofessional on twitter. You don’t have to be confused with “accept” or “except” or “except”. It takes a very little time less than 2 minutes to understand the difference between these. Many people use shortcuts’ such as “plz” it’s not your personal chat. If I made any spelling or grammar mistakes, feel free to mention in comments below. In Twitterverse, you need to make everything professional.
  13. Not Embedding your Twitter Handle on Your Website– If you have a website or blog, Great. Embed your twitter handle and some of the twitter there. Let your readers know what you are tweeting. Ask your readers know to follow you on twitter to get quick tips and updates.
  14. The 80/20 Rule– This is not just a common twitter mistake but this is a universal mistake. I know you already heard too much about 80/20 rulethen why shouldn’t use this rule on twitter. Promoting your stuff all day and night is a bad thing. You will lose many of your followers who are just following you for quality tweets. It’s not only about your profit. Add some value to your follower’s feed. Your 80 percent of tweets should be information and 20 percent promotional. You can do this by sharing the amazing content of your industry thought leaders or if you have a good budget then you can buy a social media tool having it’s own content library.
  15. Not responding to tweets and Mentions– If you are getting a lot of notification then surely you are doing this twitter mistake. If someone is tweeting and mention you in their tweet then you must need to respond. This shows that you are taking care of your customers. A study from twittershows that 77 % of Twitter user feels more positive after getting respond from a brand.
  16. TOO MANY CAPS &&& SYMBOLS !!!!!—DO YOU WRITE YOUR TWEET LIKE THIS????? Hope you got my point.
  17. Not Using Graphics– Graphic content grab more attention in comparison to normal text tweet. Here’s a fun fact from twitter shows that tweets with a Gifs get 55 percent more exposure and engagementthan a normal tweet. A Buffer study statsthat tweets with visual content get 1.5x more shares.
  18. Spreading Hate and Negativity– If you are speaking hate and negativity in your tweet then surely this is going to ruin your social reputation. It’s the era of the screenshot. No matter if you take down your tweet. Before tweeting you need to always keep this quote in mind “Always think twice before write”. If you are not happy with your past company or position then there’s no need to spread the negative word against them.
  19. Followback Everyone– Do you know twitter admitsthat 48 million active users on Twitter are bots. So why follow these bots. Follow for following or follow back is the most popular twitter strategy to increase your number of followers. Many top bloggers, marketer and blue tick celebrities including Larry Kim. I’m also following the same strategy. But do you know it’s doing this in a wrong way is one of the top twitter mistakes? You just don’t have to follow back everyone.
  20. Tweeting Too many Links-This is the most common twitter mistake between marketers. They just want a lot of referral traffic from twitter. But just think you are following someone and he/she is just tweeting links after links. Would you continue to follow him/her? Always keep posting a mixture of text, image, gifs, video, and links. According to this infographic from wishpond36% of linksshared on twitter are images.
  21. Constantly Tweeting & Retweeting– Many of us came online and start raining of tweets and then go in silence for a week. It’s one of the worst things you can do with your Twitter strategy. The latest study stats42 percentof Twitter users open the app every day & 29 percent opens once a week. People following you want to hear you on a regular basis. It’s good to tweet one tweet every day than 6 tweets in one day.
  22. Off-Topic Tweets– Don’t go off-topic. You might love cats, dogs or religious faith. Your followers would not love to see all this from unless you are handling a pet shop or religious charity twitter handles. You follow your industry thought leader to always share great content with your followers.
  23. Not using Emojis– I’m also doing this mistake. According to Twitter datamost popular emoji on Twitter is #1 laugh cry face followed by #2 heart eyes, #3 cry-cry, and a red heart at 4th.
  24. Not Using Mention Feature in Conversation– Whenever you are responding to someone through comments you should mention their name using @. Mention gives your reply more exposure.
  25. The Personal Touch– In my social mediacareer, I have seen that mostly marketer or business did or doing this common twitter mistake. Do some research about your followers, what they like, what they want, who they are. After that create the content with a personal touch which can benefit them. If your followers are foodie then you should tweet about different types of food experiences you had in the past and ask them to share their experiences also.
  26. Not Using Facts & Data– Data and facts make your tweet trustable and specific. Facts can increase your credibility and you can be a source of facts in your industry.
  27. Not Using Short URL– Almost everyone does this common mistake once in their life. You can use URL shortening services like Bitly. You also get a feature of link tracking. With the help of this, you can see how clicks you got on one single link.
  28. Outdated Information– The outdated information shows that you are not active in your industry. And because of this, you can lose a lot of customers and trust. No one would like to read a 7-year-old content. Always keep updated your profile and tweets.
  29. The Content Copy Game– It requires a lot of time and hard work to generate quality content daily. That’s why mostly person shares other’s content. It’s okay to share other’s content but don’t forget to tag the original creator.
  30. Forgetting Reposting– Do you know the half-life of a tweet is 24 minutes. This means a tweet gets the half-engagement in the first 24 minutes then it starts diluting in Twitterverse. So don’t forget to repost your content. But it doesn’t mean that you should be posting the same content every hour. This makes you look dumb. You can repost your content after some time of some days with changing headlines and using different graphics and visuals.