With the evolvement of technology and the invention of the smartphone, the world has become a global village and the bed bug registry is proof of it. Actually, smartphones and social media are the two most useful inventions of this century. You can contact anyone from miles away, see his face, send important messages in minutes, strike deals through video calls, and even earn millions of dollars through videos. But it is not always for the money. Sometimes, you would like to share your story with the world in order to make them care about the circumstances. Bed Bug Registry is a database for the same purpose.

What is Bed Bug Registry?

A free and public database that includes users-submitted reports of Bed Bugs from all over America and Canada is Bed Bug Registry.

When it is created?

Bed Bug Registry was founded in 2006 to help people on the go. In America and Canada traveling is a major source of joy, innovation, and creation. But it was very difficult to find a bed bug free hotel. So, to help travelers find bed bug free residence, the bed bug registry was founded in 2006.

Purpose of Bed Bug Registry

The idea was to provide a neutral platform to travelers and renters to report their encounters with bed bugs. It is quite right to say that most Americans have still never come across any bed bug, but these pests are multiplying numbers rapidly.

Why Should One Be Careful of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are very to transport in luggage and very hard to find. Actually, these pests are traveling distant parts of the country through luggage. This is the reason that these dorms are making their easy to hotels, movie theatres, and libraries.

These pesticides can hurt human health as well as pets. The disadvantages of Bed Bugs start from allergy and its climax is cancer. So, to avoid any minor and major health risk these pests must be avoided.

How to Avoid Bed Bugs?

The most effective way to avoid, or we can say, get rid of Bed Bugs, is to call an experienced and reliable pesticide. The only way to do not lest Bed Bugs enter your house is to avoid them at the hotel. And find out in which hotel people encountered them is to check Bed Bug Registry.

How to check for Bed Bugs at hotel?

According to Wislay, when you have entered a hotel, the first thing is to neverland your luggage on the floor until you check the room. Do a thorough search for bed bugs. Check the mattress with your credit card because bed bugs hide in cracks. Then you have to check all four corners to make sure there are no bed bugs. Another way to make your search comprehensive you can check the bed bug registry to find out whether someone in the past reported about the hotel.


Technology has gifted us great advantages. With the evolvement of technology, reporting has also become more easy and informative. Bed bugs carry various health risks and these pests must be avoided. Before planning a stay in a hotel or residence in America and Canada it is wise to check for bed bugs on Bed Bug Registry. With 20000 reports, the bed bug registry has covered 12000 locations.