The journey of exhibiting in a trade show starts much before the final date of the event. Trade show participation requires proper planning and various arrangements. All exhibitors have to invest a huge sum of the money for participation, therefore, each step should b carefully taken.

One small mistake can lead to a big loss. Biggest investment during the trade show is for the bespoke exhibition stand. You can choose either modular or custom exhibition stand as per your requirement.

If you are a first-time participator in the trade show the read the below-given points:

1. Select The Right Trade Show

As thousands of exhibitions are occurring in the world, therefore, it is mandatory to choose the bespoke exhibition for your business. Start the process by doing deep research about all exhibition organizers.

Check the history of organizers and their trade show success. Make a list of trade shows where you can probably participate. Only select that trade show which fits best into your existing marketing strategy.

2. Identify Your Competitors

After finalizing the trade show, contact the organizer and ask for the complete list of exhibitors who are participating in this event. After receiving the list, start doing research on competitors.

Check out their marketing strategy and use this data to refine yours. It will help you to choose the right designing strategy to stand-out during the trade show.

3. Don’t Forget Your Neighbours

Your neighbors during the trade show can be your helping hand. Through the competitor’s list you will find out your neighbors and after that try to contact them. You should build a good relationship with them.

4. Choose An Appropriate Space

If you want to choose a convenient place on the trade show floor then book your exhibition as early as possible. You might afford the biggest booth but considering space position on the trade show floor is important.

You should ask your organizers for the floor plan and get the optimum position for your stand. Right position on the floor also plays a vital role in attracting more visitors towards your stand.

5. Build Right Plan

Proper planning is the key to success. Therefore, all exhibitors should create a good plan for the exhibition participation. Collaborate with your team, share your objectives and plan with your team and try to achieve your target.

6. Set Your Budget

If you want to get maximum benefit by spending less then you should establish your budget and get your work done in the predefined budget limit. Purchase the right exhibition stand that you can use again and again. In your budget, leave some room for additional costs.

7. Select Optimum Exhibition Stand

There are different stands available in the market- modular stand, custom exhibition stand, banner stands, etc. Therefore, it is important to choose the right stand as per your requirement.

In addition to this, choose unique design, graphics, and content to make your stand noticeable. Rather than following old design trends, use your imagination and develop some creative ideas. You should purchase best stands likes custom exhibition stands UK.

8. Book your parking

Usually, all exhibitors are so busy in the preparations that they forget some other essential things such as passes for your stuff, ID badges and parking. Arrange these prior to exhibition day.

9. Pre-Exhibition Marketing Is Important

If you want to create a buzz around your exhibition stand then pr-exhibition marketing can help you in this. Create right marketing strategy, use social media, build right hashtags, answer the queries of people on the social media wall, send a personal invitation through emails and you can use any other tactics that can bring more customers at your stand. Don’t forget to share the name of the venue and exact date of the event.

10. Exhibition stand design

Use the 3-second rule: You have only 3 seconds to make a great first impression and to grab the attention of the visitor.

In those 3 seconds, you need to communicate your message, what you do and what you have to offer. All this can be done through your branding, stand design, visuals, and text. It’s important that your stand design is engaging and eye-catching.

11. Improve giveaways

At exhibitions, visitors receive a lot of gifts that will never be used or will land in the bin straight after the show. Make your giveaway is relevant and interesting. It should be something the visitor will use over and over again. Make sure all the items you give away are branded with your logo.