New Year is just around the corner, hardly a month to wait. Having New Year’s eve parties and gatherings is a dynamic task, to do something new, standing out. Dress codes, themes, decoration, food, Avatars, music, Dance floor, lights, and drinks to be properly managed. Hooah! It seems hectic but doesn’t worry you can refresh the glam of the night by cooler than New Year eve-trick that we can suggest you smash the party this year.

Decorate your drink jars and glass at home:

To create something special at home is an extra mile in the “to-do list”.

You can use a paper trick to make colorful umbrellas and fruit items to attach with glue at the side and handles. Or you can buy these funny toy based ornaments online, it’s all on your budget if you have a budget and you think it’s feasible to buy decorated jars for drinks.

Use PLA Straw compostable; it’s better than usual:

Using Pla straw compostable is hygienic and eco-friendly. It is made of corn starch and is purely made of raw organic materials, processed and shaped to your favorite styles, they are healthy to use instead of normal plastics.

Pla straw compostable can be easily purchased and used for the drinks, they are clear and soft to use for dense and lighter juices as well.

Cover the corners with glitter.

Don’t worry we are not asking you to actually add glitter on your jar, just make sure the color of juice can be added in sugar, mix it well and tap the glass corner upside down, at lifting up you will see sparkles of sugar particles, colored with edible ingredients. Now pouring in the juice will be stylish.

Paint the inside walls of Glass:

Add a teaspoon of caramel, or thick sauce made of sugar syrup. And rotate the glass so that the sugar mixture is evenly spread all over. Let it chill in the freezer for 2-3 minutes. Then add juice in the glass, insert Pla straw compostable and top it with colorful umbrella and stirrers.

Try these: add one tablespoon of ground sugar, 2 tablespoons of corn starch, add sufficient water and dark food color, purple, green, blue whichever suits the drink, now mix well, it should be a thick paste.

Try these tricks to give your drinks in the party a cooler look they will be cherished till next Year.