Festive seasons means gifts. Beside personal gifts, there are also corporate gifts. Corporate firms often send gifts to their clients and employees in the festive season. In many cases, shop and small business owners also send gifts to their regular clients and suppliers. This article gives information about some corporate gifting ideas that will be loved by everyone.

  1. Terrarium or Succulent garden

A terrarium can be a great choice for your corporate clients and even customers. These greens are eco-friendly and need very little maintenance. A succulent garden often brightens up the monotonous environment of an office. If you want you can also gift artificial terrarium garden that looks realistic.

  1. Edible goodie hampers

Edible goodies are always a safe option. Everyone loves them. You can deliver these goody bags online. So, it becomes more hassle-free. You can choose a fresh fruit basket, a catered lunch bag, gourmet cookies or chocolate box or cake bags. The options are numerous. From wines to cakes to chocolates to food raw materials to jams, compotes or cakes or cookies or fruits, and dry fruits- you can choose whatever you want. These cost-effective gifts are hard to resist. Office fruit delivery London and hamper delivery is becoming popular day by day.

  1. Toiletry Bag

Yes, it is a good gift if your client is an avid traveler. They will use the bags and appreciate the gifts. You can select canvas, waterproof material or leather ones according to your budget.

  1. Exotic fruits and spices

Yes, we have talked about edible goodies before. But then, exotic fruits and spices need a special mention among them. You can gift your client exotic spices like truffle, saffron, etc or exotic fruits like rambutan, premium mango, etc. This gift looks understated but luxurious. So, your clients will surely love them.  There are many companies that offer service of delivering spice and fruit box delivery around different parts of the world.

  1. Notebooks

Yes, notebooks are classic gifting ideas. But it is still in a rage and welcomed as a gifting option. Your client will be very much happy to receive a notebook to note down important events and points. It is advised that you go for leather-covered ones. Besides that become innovative and use pages with watermarked logos of your company. That will be understated.

  1. Portable Chargers or Power banks

Everyone uses their cellphone. Hence, portable chargers are now an essential item. There is a chance that y0our client will be very happy by receiving a good quality portable charger.#

  1. Reusable water bottles

Everyone now wants to use reusable products. Take a hint from this trend and gift your client a reusable water bottle. That person will love it. It would be better if you opt for a sturdy but swanky water bottle with your company’s logo on it.

  1. Apparels

Apparels are also good gifts. You can gift a tie or scarf or wallet or purse or cuff links to your clients. The best part is there are different accessories available for both males and females. So, you won’t be out of options.

These gifting ideas are often reasonable and well appreciated. Any thoughtful gift can strengthen the long term association between your clients and you. So, invest in good gifts and get an edge in this festive season.

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