We all have one SUPERHERO in our life. Some may consider them as Mother, Father, Brother or anyone who has stood with you in all thick and thins of life. For me it is my Dad. The unconditional love and affection that we get from dad can’t be express in words. At some point in life it becomes important to let him know how much you love him. If you are inexpressive like me then sending gifts to them is the best option to do. I was planning to throw a surprise party on his 50th Birthday. Unfortunately, it did not happened well as I had to travel to another city for my official work. I was feeling terrible to leave the city since my Dad’s birthday was falling on the next day. I tried my best but nothing work and so I decided to take help online gift shop for delivering the happiness and smile on his face. While I was surfing on the Internet I happened to visit Cakegift.in -A one stop gift solution for all. I was so amaze with the options they have to offer. The best thing about them was the Birthday cake delivery right at the doorstep. Isn’t it amazing that you won’t miss the happiness of cutting the cake with loved ones even when you are far away? Well, I was so relaxed to know that I can send cakes online with the help of them.


I planned to pick his favorite Fruit Cake. He is not fond of chocolate cakes much so I decided to opt for Fruit Cake. I was a little bit in confusion about the quality and freshness of the cake. To clear the air, I read many reviews of the customers on the website. Well, most of the customers gave them a positive feedback. Many of them praised their freshness and quality cakes. Apart from this, many were happy with the handling of cake. They said the delivery was on time and was handled with utmost care when traveling to and fro. I was really impressed with the positive reviews on the website and so I decided to pick Birthday cake for my Dad. Now the next challenging task was to decide which type of cake I should opt for. Hence, I decided to go for Birthday Cake photo. Yes, the photo cakes are in high demand. Be it Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Christmas Celebration, cake with photo and name is the first choice for all.


I collected all my pictures with dad & mom along with my little sister. Wow, the feeling of recalling all sweet memories that revealed from the photos made my eyes wet. Those were the days, when you were always guarded by parents. So much caring, pampering and unconditional love from them is mesmerizing. No doubt parents still love us but the feeling of being at that age is something different and incomparable. After going through all the pictures of us, I finally decided to pick the one which I wanted to get printed on the Birthday cake with photo and name. Once I was all set, I visited Cakegift.in and opted the options to placing the order. I was so happy with this decision. It turned out one of the best gifts on his birthday. My dad is not that emotional type of person. But when his sad Birthday photo cake he was all in happy tears. He just loved the idea of photo cake so much. I was indeed happy with my decision too. Mom told me the other day, the cake which I ordered from cakegift.in was amazing. Not only the appearance but the taste of the cake was tasty and unmatchable which we usually used to order from the local shop. Seriously, the cake delivery shop online is the best when it comes to send cakes no matter where you stay. Whether you stay in Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Bhopal, Kolkata, Jaipur, Pune, Gurgaon you can send birthday cake photo hassle-free.


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