With barely two months to go before summer sets in, it’s highly likely you are already planning your vacation for the hot season which is right around the corner. To help you out with that, here’s a compilation of reasons why Croatia should be your holiday destination this time around:

1) A sun that’s always shining
Statistically speaking, this Adriatic nation ranks among the continent’s sunniest with Hvar Island in particular at the brunt of this heat hence why it’s often referred to as “the sunshine island”. There’s nothing quite like a good bask to shake off cold memories of the winter and that you’ll definitely get with a daily sunlight average of about 13 hours. Even during winter the sun vehemently clings to the skies availing favorable means of above 18 degrees Celsius thereby ensuring you can stay well beyond summer if you’d like.

2) A lineup of breathtaking coastal towns
An abundance of stunning coastal towns await with serene Rovinj an excellent example of the mood to expect along the coastal shores. Touted as a mini-Venice cast atop a hill, the picture-perfect city neighbors the mesmerizing Istrian peninsula and is a combination of cobblestone walkways and pastel-colored buildings fringed by stunning aqua waters. The Venetian rule that conquered the land so long ago has ensured a rustic old town feel also made so by nostalgic boutique shops, medieval churches, street side cafes, and quaint restaurants.

3) A thousand islands to choose
And that is meant quite literally. Croatia’s strongest selling point is its huge collection of alluring landmasses all providing different experiential packages to quench the thirst of every kind of traveler. Whether you’re looking for a hidden away haven, blue-flag beaches, beautiful hiking and cycling scenery, well-preserved Roman settlements, you name it, you’ll find whatever you’re looking for within more than 1200 island choices.

4) The wine and food
At the heart of any great vacation is drink and cuisine of the highest order and Croatia’s finger-licking delicacies have earned a sterling reputation not just within the continent but also around the world. The food on offer is a scintillating combination of influences from surrounding nations with the mainland regions taking after meals from the Turkish, Viennese and Hungarian fares and Proto-Slavic eras. The coastal menu, on the other hand, recreates popular dishes originating from Illyrian, Roman and Greek heritage with the world-famous wines serving up just as much diversity and quality.

5) A Delight for GOT lovers
The 6-episode series finale of the much-loved HBO-franchise “Game of Thrones” will be over by the time summer rolls around, but you can still get a taste of King’s Landing well after the series comes to a close. The fortified city of Dubrovnik doubles up as the “Land of the Iron Throne” during filming and its orange-tiled past century masonry offers a taste of what to expect across the nation’s old towns. If you’d love yourself a share of the beautiful architecture of the golden days, you should consider buying property in Croatia. You’ll be waking up to UNESCO-recognized sites- not to mention heavenly backdrops- every single day.

And that’s only a fraction of Croatia’s holiday arsenal which also includes youthful national parks, works of talented artists and sculptors, jaw-dropping museums, and artifact-wielding market places among many others.