Cardboard is the widely used material in the packaging industry, either it is a retail product, cosmetic product or display. You need safe and secure cartons for either one of the purposes; safety, security, transportation, marketing or branding. In recent days, the American government has made the Vape use legal while posing a few limitations on its use and selling criteria. So, packaging for different flavours of vape cartridges is on the shelves of the malls. Thus, focusing on Custom vape cartridge packaging boxes is mandatory for all the manufacturers. This is because it displays the true picture and product knowledge of the product and makes it appealing. Here, we will discuss all the points related to this industry one by one. For complete details read till the end and share your feedback in the comments section.

How cardboard made a box is a tool of marketing?

Cardboard is known for its high finishing surface that reflects light and looks like a piece of glass. Add to this, it easily cut to different shapes and its die-cutting is necessary. Plus, it has the capacity to absorb the low amount of ink and this makes it affordable for all vapes. You can print anything and any dimension could be cut out of this. So, these are foldable and recyclable. Its recycling is an easy process, but it could also be repurposed at any time. A large number of models and projects are done by the use of cardboard sheets. Moreover, its double-wall boxes are sturdy, durable and robust. So, it is found to be the best sheet and material for all kinds of product packaging.

Marketing of a product through packaging is only possible when you are putting promotional material on the box. Here are a few things that you should put on the box and these will help you in getting self-marketing boxes.

  1. Logo of the company, it represents the brand identity
  2. The product name, for the awareness of the customers
  3. Ingredients of the vapes, for the customer’s satisfaction
  4. Bar code, for tracking the sales
  5. Installation methods, this is useful for the plastic made products packaging

Vape cartridge boxes for the safety of the vapes

The fundamental purpose of the box is to make them safe and secure. So, when these are shipped or transported, it makes them safe. For this, cushion material, bubble sheets, paper rolls, and waste material is put inside the box. This makes vapes protective and secure during the whole journey of life. Actually, almost 90% of vapes are being exported from the USA. So, it is mandatory to optimize your packaging in a way to make it protective. These are few interlocking standards that express the security of the bottles, these are the following;

  1. 1-2-3 bottom boxes
  2. Straight tuck end boxes
  3. Reverse tuck end boxes
  4. Double-wall
  5. 5-panel hanger boxes

These boxes have strong interlocking, this makes them safe and strong. These interlocking are made up of die-cutting that enhances the strength of the box. In this, you get a topnotch quality interlocking secure box for your products.

Customization of the box

For vapes, you can opt for the best sizes that suit the most for your products. This is mandatory for the protection of the bottle and this is only possible in customization. Moreover, you can opt for the best colour combinations, design styles and shapes for your boxes. This helps in standing out of the crowd and leads to the highest place in the marketing competition. Moreover, other than cardboard; Kraft, corrugated and Bux board are also used for the packaging of vapes.

So, the main purpose of any box is not limited to security but it extends to the marketing and promotion of the products. Safely and smartly packed products are liked by everyone and appeal to the customers by all means. According to the marketers, after 7 impressions you can generate a sale but here such impressions should be effective and productive.