The new advancement come in technology. The world of E-commerce transforms the world rapidly. But need to Stay on the latest trends,  It is essential to maintain a good position in the market and grow the business online. Mobile commerce also called M-commerce and risen in the last decade. It is predicted to become more popular in the next five years.

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More people give preference for shopping on mobile:

For the last several years, analyst and eCommerce merchants have a significant increase in mobile shopping traffic. The conversion rates in online shopping is still lacking. It is an important area to cover the weaknesses of many business owners. The conversion rates are just 1.6 per cent and less than 3.9 per cent conversion rate of laptop shoppers.

In 2019, E-Commerce merchants should try to capture the lost revenue from mobile shoppers. It is one of the best ways to optimize the mobile experience. It is a quite easy and simple way to navigate the site with the quick check process. The results are much needed to boost mobile sales.

Consumers using social media to browse:

The acquisition of Facebook and Instagram started in 2012. The photo-sharing on social media has one of the most frequent platforms with 500 million users. The social media giant has taken the world of advertisement and sponsored the posts on social media advertisements. It allows users to discover the products on the social media platform. It is based on their interests and makes the right purchase from the app.

The brand encompasses to target market lifestyle and directly connect with the emotions of the people. The perfect platform exposes opportunities for more shopper online and people mostly visit famous brand such as Amazon, eBay, iShine. It provides some effective marketing opportunities.

With an Instagram business account, you can devise Instagram campaigns and make very specific selections, and need to determine, how the user will determine your ads. The personalized method of advertising is proven to increase user engagement by using Instagram and Twitter adds. The people are using the social media platform to browse the products, afterwards. They return to the site to buy the products. there are many of the issues affect the conversion rates. The quicker checkouts will be vital in the coming year.

Digital wallets add in latest trends:

The consumers want to away from the direct payment method. The new methods of purchasing have introduced in the market.  Digital wallets are one of the popular methods to buy the products both online stores and physical stores. The basic purpose of these services to secure user payment data such as debit data and credit card and bank account information, which can be used to complete the transactions.  The Apple pay, google pay, Venmo, are commonly used digital wallets in the US. There are many other methods to use digital wallets services. While other countries like china developed their own methods.

The digital methods conquer the issues of struggling Ecommerce and social media conversion rates because it expedites the checkout process, makes it easy for the consumer to quickly to make a purchase from the mobile devices.

Amazon prime extensive membership network, a majority of online shoppers have accustomed to two days of free shipping. The well-known brand iShine.

Free and quick shipping:

The amazon has extensive prime membership network and the majority of online shoppers have become accustomed to two-day free shipping. If the others Ecommerce compete with the amazon or stand out in the Amazon marketplace. You must need to meet the consumer expectation about the shipping rates and times. Consumers are increasing. The average was willing to waiting for free delivery, which dipped 4.5 days towards the end of 2017.

The increasing members of the people bring smart assistant devices at homes and shopping via voice search. This system gained lots of popularity. In 2016. Google has announced 20% of the mobile inquiries, and 40% of millennial have affirmed the use of voice search feature. It leads experts to predict a rise in the methods of internet exploration.

Personalized advertising and marketing strategies:

It is a significant part of the E-commerce marketing, there are dozens of the intricate ways to personalize your advertisement to fit perfectly to your audience. The retargeting the other campaigns is another effective method of personalization. To recapture the consumer attention, the consumer may have viewed your website but not buy, the retargeting advertisement will pop across the different platform to encourage the potential buyers to return back to your site to complete the purchase process. Need to stay informed about the latest eCommerce trends to anticipate, what target market is looking for in an online shopping market. How the SEO and PPC in the success of the business.