“China is expected to remain World’s leading producer for Fishmeal and Fish Oil but its share in total production is expected to decline by 2030”

Increase in Prices of Fishmeal and Fish Oil: The popularity of omega 3 fatty acids in the human food diet and the specific characteristics required for feed by the aquaculture sector are assumed to have permanently increased the fish to oilseed oil price ratio and it is not expected that new feeding techniques will change this in the short to medium term. With slower but continuing growth in demand from aquaculture and rather stable supply, the price of fishmeal is expected to grow by a small amount relative to oilseed meals. A major factor influencing prices of Fishmeal and Fish oil in the future is the expectation that production growth in China will slow substantially and result in upward pressure on global prices.

Main Focus on Intellectual Property: The Intellectual Property of Daybrook Fisheries consists of developed know-how and expertise that allows incremental production efficiencies above the typical market participant. While not patented these processes have taken years to develop and are closely held by the company in an industry which by its nature has stable technical requirements and market demands. Transfer of the intellectual property from Daybrook Fisheries to Oceana was one of the most compelling reasons for the merger.

Resignation of Oceana’s CEO: Oceana granted Makimry Patronus (Mr. Kuttel’s Firm) the right to purchase the majority stake in Westbank from its owners, Westbank Fishing Partners. Neither Oceana nor any of its local or foreign subsidiaries were able to acquire Westbank, due to the US American Fisheries Act requirements, which state that qualifying fishing vessels in the US be owned and controlled by US citizens. Since, Kuttel is a US citizen it was easier for him to purchase a majority stake in Westbank.

Key Segments included in the Report:-

Comprehensive Profile of Daybrook Fisheries

Business Process of Daybrook Fisheries

Business Model of Daybrook Fisheries

Revenue and Production Volume of Daybrook Fisheries

Details on Acquisition and Merger between Oceana and Daybrook Fisheries

Global Fishmeal and Fish Oil Production

Resignation of Oceana’s CEO

Future Management Guidance


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