The Report titled “Comprehensive Profile: Daybrook Fisheries – Gulf Menhaden Fishmeal and Fish Oil Processing Company provides a detailed analysis of Daybrook Fisheries which was acquired by Oceana Group in the year 2014. The report covers various aspects such as Overview of Daybrook Fisheries, Synergy between Oceana and Daybrook Fisheries and how it helped Oceana Group, Revenue and Production Volume of Daybrook Fisheries, Global Production of Fishmeal and Fish Oil. The report concludes with Future Management Guidance and Forecasting Global Fishmeal and Fish Oil Production.

Overview of Daybrook Fisheries

Daybrook Fisheries is a vertically integrated fishing company engaged in harvesting and processing of Gulf Menhaden into Fish Meal and Fish Oil. These are then sold for aquaculture feeds and for further refining into dietary supplements. Daybrook Fisheries is the second-largest processor of Menhaden in the US. Gulf Menhaden are small oily fish and are migratory plankton surface-feeders that swim in large schools during the fishing season, which extends from mid-April to November.

Overview of Oceana Group

Oceana Group was established in the year 1918 in South Africa. Oceana Group is the largest fishing company in Africa and is an important participant of Namibia, Angolan and US Industries. The core business for the Oceana group is catching, processing, marketing, and distribution of canned fish, fishmeal, fish oil, horse mackerel, squid and hake. The main target audience for the group is lower-end consumers who mainly prefer canned fish and horse mackerel. Oceana’s most well renowned for sale of canned pilchards under the Lucky star label. Majority of the sales revenue for Oceana’s group comes from South Africa and Namibia.

How the Acquisition of Daybrook Fisheries helped Oceana Group

Oceana’s group acquired Daybrook Fisheries in the year 2014 by a combination of merger and stock purchase. The rationale behind acquiring Daybrook Fisheries by Oceana was to expand Oceana’s international operations, increase the diversification of its targeted fish species, operational geographyand currency exposure and product profile. This acquisition will increase diversification to Oceana’s product mix and improve the currency exposure while creating a significantly larger group with multi-country exposure. It also acts as a platform to explore further initiatives globally.

Trends and Developments

Aquaculture growth at the world level is expected to continue facing challenges associated with factors that include environmental regulations, diseases related to stocking density and a reduction in the availability of optimal production locations. The popularity of omega 3 fatty acids in the human food diet and the specific characteristics required for feed by the aquaculture sector are assumed to have permanently increased the fish to oilseed oil price ratio and it is not expected that new feeding techniques will change this in the short to medium term. With slower but continuing growth in demand from aquaculture and rather stable supply, the price of fishmeal is expected to grow by a small amount relative to oilseed meals.

Competitive Landscape

The only major competitor for Daybrook Fisheries which is into processing and manufacturing of Fishmeal and Fish Oil is Omega Protein Corporation. Although Daybrook fisheries are one of the largest processor of Menhaden in the US it is responsible for the majority of the Annual Gulf Menhaden Catch. Omega Protein is the market leader and has considerable presence in the region. As fishmeal and fish oil prices increase in the future, it is expected that new players will enter the market.

Future Outlook

Prices of fishmeal and fish oil are expected to continue trending upwards as a result of strong global demand. High feed prices could have an impact on the species composition in aquaculture, with a shift towards those species requiring less expensive and/or lower quantities of feed or no feed. The company (Oceana) should focus on Off-Season maintenance of the production facilities of Daybrook Fisheries. This will result in an increase in the yield and improve the productivity of the plant.

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