When it comes to adding style to home décor, window treatments play a significant role. They can either enhance the beauty or destroy an interior decoration. So, it is very important that you make the right choice of window covering for any space. Curtains, shades, shutters and blinds all make decorative window treatments for any home. Let’s take a look at some trendy window dressing ideas that will surely cater to your dream home design. Inspiring Window Designs for Modern Homes

Contemporary to classic window coverings – there are endless ideas to discover.

● Contrasting Curtains

Contrasting color drapes are a modern window treatment. They have a distinct warmth and complement any kind of design style, even with minimum furnishings. You should pick a strong color with warm neutral shades to give your window covering a stylish, layered appearance. Contrasting drapes offer a polished and clean look. Make sure you choose colors that will have an everlasting impact.

● Window Decals

If you are looking for a stunning alternative to your traditional window dressing, window decals are the best option for you. There are innovative designs that will conceal an interior and, at the same time, create a beautiful statement in your home. For example, there are window decals which give the effect of stained-glass. Just imagine what a unique look they can give to a simple window. Although these decals are a bit more expensive than regular curtains, they are well worth the investment.

● Austrian Window Shades

These are elegant decorative window treatments that give a dramatic look to any room décor. The delicate layers of these shades have a romantic appeal. They make a grand window covering but evoke that old charm and glamour. These shades are perfect for even a minimal space as they have a visual impact and add texture to the room. Thus, you can accent your interiors with Austrian shades to make it look more luxurious.

● Customized Curtains

Can your style not be expressed with off the shelf curtains? Go for customized curtains and other window coverings that will exclusively be yours. You will have your choice from a wide variety of patterns, styles and colors. This will allow you to give your home the finishing touch you desire. The best thing about customized window dressing is that it perfectly fits your dimensions. Custom window styles are the right choice for certain windows and doors like sliding glass doors.

These are some window dressing styles which are currently in fashion. There are always huge varieties to choose from. Research a few before selecting a window covering to see which style best suits your taste and your space.