There is no country in the world that delights you as much as Australia does. It is a country of thrilling adventures, exhilarating avenues, enchanting landscapes and it is also a place for a myriad of activities such as surfing, walking, hot air balloon rides and just lazing on the beach.


If you ever go to Australia do not miss out on the following must-see and must do things.


Melbourne Cricket Ground

Cricket now seems to be the ruling sport in quite a number of countries in the world and Australia is one of the best cricket playing countries. Located in Yarra Park in Melbourne, the Melbourne Cricket Stadium (known locally as “The G”) is the largest one in Australia boasting the largest number of light towers in the world. The grounds were opened for play in 1854 and have a capacity of seating 100.018 individuals with a record number of some 130,000 people for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Crusade in 1959. It is the eighth largest stadium in the world.


Hunter Valley

One of the tours that you must take is the tour of the Hunter Valley. It is one of the oldest (established more than 150 years ago) and the greatest wine growing areas in Australia, home to some 80 wineries. It is a major tourist spot and is located in New South Wales. The Pokolbin area abounds with vineyards, country guest houses, golf courses, shops, and restaurants. Other regions of the valley include the Broke Fordwich Wine Region and the Wollombi valley.

This is also a place where contemporary and traditional arts and crafts can be viewed.


Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort

A stay in this resort is a must. Situated on Moreton Island, nestled among natural bushland and exquisitely landscaped gardens, it is a perfect getaway for the whole family. This is a place where you can have a close interaction with Australia’s wildlife. In this resort, you can watch the dolphins swim up to the well-lit jetty where they are hand-fed. You can do the feeding or you can just watch. Whatever you do, it is an exhilarating experience.

There are also some resident pelicans and cormorants that are also hand-fed in the mornings.


Hot Air Balloon Ride

This is an opportunity that you cannot afford to miss when in Australia. Akin to an adventure sport, you can watch the sunrise over the panoramic Gold Coast skyline, see the waterways and the canals with the sun being reflected of their waters and view the mountains of the Gold Coast vicinity covered with forests.

Kuranda and Skyrail

A world heritage rain forest surrounds the picturesque mountain retreat of Kuranda village in the far North Queensland. The Skyrail Rain Forest Cableway (7.50 km. in length) is the best way to travel to this charming place. As you go over the rain forest, you experience the smell, the sight and the sounds of the tropical forest environment. You’ll see reptiles, kangaroos, native exotic birds, butterflies, and koalas.

Taking a ride on the Kuranda Scenic Railway is also a must-do activity if you happen to visit Cairns and Tropical North Queensland. The railway is a tremendous feat of engineering and as you traverse the route of the railway you can experience the past and present of the surrounding country.


The Blue Mountains Park and The Jenolan Caves

This is a park that you’ll remember for all your life – the breath of fresh mountain air. And nestling in the Upper Blue Mountains is the Jenolan Caves – Australia’s most impressive and oldest limestone caves. Spectacularly lighted the nine caves that are open to the public are a sight to behold. So are underground rivers. Something that you should not miss.


The Great Barrier Reef

One of the seven wonders of the world and one of nature’s gifts to Australia. This Great Barrier Reef is one of the largest and longest in the world, longer than the Great Wall of China and it is visible from space. Comprising of some 2900 individual reefs and some 900tropical islands, it is located off the coast of Queensland in North-East Australia. The various colors and hues of the coral growth and the fauna of the sea are simply breathtaking. A sight that’ll leave memories that’ll last forever.


A Drive on The Scenic Great Ocean Road

One of the world’s most scenic coastal roads. Incredibly beautiful and home to the Twelve Apostles – massive limestone structures that tower to a height of some 70 meters. Awesome and beautiful they are best seen either at sunrise or at sunset when they change color from dark to sandy yellow.


Seaplane Over Sydney Harbor

The only way to experience the beauty of Sydney. The flight includes a pass over the Sydney Opera House, 20th century’s most distinctive of buildings with innovative design and construction techniques. You can also see the Bondi Beach and the Sydney Harbor from the air.


A Tour of The Sydney Opera House

Even if you had seen this spectacular structure from the air, a tour of the inside of this building is an experience by itself. The structure was largely conceived and built by the Danish architect Jørn Utzon and was completed in 1973. The following performance venues are housed inside the Opera House:


Concert Hall with 2,678 seats is the home of the Sydney Symphony, Opera Theatre with 1,507 seats is the home of the Australian Ballet and Opera Australia, Drama Theatre with 544 seats is used by the Sydney Theatrical Company and other theatrical and dance performances, Play House with a seating capacity of 398 seats, Studio with a maximum seating capacity of 400 people, Utzon Room, a small flexible room of 200 seats and Forecourt, with a wide range of configuration options.


Other than those must-see places listed above is the outback of Australia and the aborigines. Some noteworthy events that occur every year include Australia Day (January 26th), the Australian Grand Prix in March and a host of other regular features.


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