Pretty homes make people happy! If you’re planning to change and improve your home design from a dull, boring one to a classy, elegant one, part of this change includes knowing about latest trends in home design. And when we talk about home designs, home flooring is definitely a major part of it.

When it comes to class and elegance, there’s no debate that wood-flooring is the all-time-winner in this category. Here are some growing wood-flooring trends in 2019 that you need to take not of if you’re planning to change your floors any time soon.


Yes, it’s true! Light-coloured wood floors are making a comeback! Nowadays, more and more homeowners are installing lighter shades of wooden floors to give an airier, spacious feeling to their homes. And there are many advantages of installing light-wood floors as well, for example:

  • These floors make it easier for you to customize your room and decorate your space. You can give your room a more rustic or contemporary look just by changing furnishing on the same floor.
  • Light-wood floors give your home a bright and light feeling, and makes it look more spacious. They make rooms look bigger, especially if you install wider plank floor. Dark-wood floors, on the other hand, make your space look smaller.
  • These floors have the ability to hide scratches, dust, and dirt, and this is one major reason why one would prefer it them over dark-wood floors.

Glossy, lustrous wooden floors are out of style! (which almost all houses had back in 90’s). In today’s time, more homeowners want their wood floors to look like wood. So they want a raw or matte finish, which is attained by oil-finishing. Oil-finishes not only enhance the natural colour wood but also have the ability to create any floor colour desired.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing between urethane finish and oil-finish:

  • Urethane finish adds a protective layer on the top of floor’s surface.
  • Urethane finishes are easy to clean with a mop and wood-floor cleaner, or a mixture of warm water and white vinegar.
  • Urethane finish is highly durable but once its wear layer cracks down, you will have to get the entire floor refinished.
  • Natural oil finish, by penetrating through the wood and bonding with it on a molecular level, strengthens the wear resistance.
  • Oil-finished flooring requires a bit more maintenance. You will need specialized refreshers and soaps to keep the look of the finish and the protection it provides intact. If oil-finished wood floors are maintained properly, they will never need to be refinished entirely like urethane finish.
  • As oil finishes affect actual wood, you can easily spot repair the gouges and starches without having to refinish the entire floor again.

With the growing trend of homeowners wanting their wooden floors to look more like wood, the trend of keeping wood textured and maintaining its natural character has also become popular. Textured wooden floors have some great advantages, such as hiding scratches and imperfections.

Here are the most popular wood-floor textures trending in 2019:

  • Wire-brushed: Wire-brushed wooden floors have intentional, subtle wire scratches that gives the wood a more exposed and raw look. These imperfections are not one of those messy ones, instead they are very smooth and more consistent as compared to some other textured wooden floors like distressed and hand-scraped wood floors.
  • Hand-scraped: Hand-scraped wooden floors show ingrained, long scrapes in the finishing with significant variation between the planks, which make each planks look handcrafted, rare, and unique.
  • Distressed: Distressed wooden floors are often confused with hand-scraped wood floors. These floors look as if they’ve been through a lot of corrosion or wear and tear. You can see burns, scrapes, knots and much more on these floors that give them an antique, aged look.

This is one of those trends that began to grow a few years back and is still being seen growing in popularity. Homeowners these days want more customized floorings for their space and patterned lay-out is a great way to do that. Customized Calgary flooring store need to be consulted for appropriate results.  Here are a few wooden floor patterns trending this year:

  • Basket-weave: These patterned floors are usually found in luxurious buildings in Europe, especially in France. Basket-weave wooden floors are often linked with luxury and wealth and therefore project a real feeling of charm and class in your home. These floors are best used in medium-sized rooms as they make large spaces look even larger and small spaces look too small.
  • Wide & Mixed Plank Widths: This trend is the one that is growing since the last few years and will probably be around for another few years at least. Wider planks make your rooms look larger more spacious. Also, the mixed plank floors give the area a more unique, natural, and rustic feel.