Cladding is one of the techniques that is used by a lot of builders to give an extra layer of protection to the homes. People purchase different materials from cladding installers, depending on their choice and also the style of their home.

Mentioned Below Are Some of The Kinds of Cladding That Can Be Considered During the Construction of Your Homes.

#1. Curtain Walling: This is one type of cladding that is generally used for large and multi-story buildings, and most of the people who construct the apartments or huge buildings would make use of the concept of curtain walling. Using a lightweight aluminum frame is the most common thing when it comes to curtain walling and is known as glazing. This is one of the best non-structural cladding systems that can be purchased from cladding installers. 

#2. Rainscreen Cladding: If you do not want water seepage to happen inside your walls, you must certainly try the Rainscreen cladding. This is one of the cladding options that would prevent large quantities of water to get into the building unnecessarily. This cladding is used as the double-wall construction. Along with this, some cladding installers also offer cladding with insulation and thermal stability that would be given as part of the wall construction. 

#3. Patent Glazing: This is one of the best two-edge cladding systems. The bars that are used in the patent glazing are generally very strong, and they act as a support system to the cladding system and the infill panels. The term ‘patent glazing’ refers to a non-load bearing, two-edge support cladding system. Generally, this kind of cladding is used to protect the building from wind and snow. However, the primary structure of the building is not protected with this kind of cladding. 

#4. Timber Cladding: This is one of the most used and popular cladding methods that are sold by a lot of cladding installers across the globe. Builders find it to be one of the most popular ways of cladding and this is done using wood, especially the western red cedar. Since this timber is softwood and also is capable of avoiding the decay and other moisture, it is apparently one of the best cladding systems. Most of the woods are knotted in nature, and this is the only softwood that is knot-free. So, one can paint on this wood without any problems.

Other woods that are generally used in the cladding are oak, Plato wood, and the wood. These woods also keep the moisture away from the building.

#5. Fabric Cladding: If you have ever thought of making your cladding look beautiful, and if you are also willing to decorate it using certain things, then ask your cladding installers about the fabric tensile coverings technique. Generally, the usage of fabric in a three-dimensional membrane that is stretched forms a roof and this technique is also known as the modern tent’s technique. The fabrics used are translucent in nature, and though they are known to form insulation, they are still one of the least chosen cladding options because of their short lifespan. They are not as durable as the other materials. 

#6. Brick Slips Cladding Technique: Most of the people try using artistic styles even when it comes to cladding. If you love to create a different look for the cladding, you can try considering the Brick slips technique. This is done using several layers of masonry that are generally thin. These bricks look almost like the normal bricks that are used in the construction. However, these bricks that are used for cladding come in wide ranges of colors and styles.

So, ask your cladding installers about the different cladding options, and choose the one that best suits your requirements, preferences, and budget.