It doesn’t matter which style of yoga you practice (Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, etc.) there are some needful accessories to help you get along your journey. The yoga accessories are often misunderstood because yogis often assume that it might stop them from deepening their practice, but it is not true. Rather yoga accessories help us in many ways like – to experience proper alignment, deepen the asanas, to get a taste of deep relaxation, and to learn how to hold the posture with comfort for a longer duration. And if you still don’t get the importance, then you should look for Yoga certification in Nepal , where you will be taught each and everything about yoga under the well known experienced teachers to deepen your knowledge in yoga and its types of equipment.

Yoga accessories can help you get more out of your yoga by helping you fit into the asanas with ease. So, below are some accessories which can be beneficial for yoga practice.

Yoga Accessories that can Help You

  1. Yoga Mat – A mat is important for a safe and healthy yoga practice. Yoga asanas are intense and can make you all sweaty as they require strength, so a mat can form a solid grip for your hands and feet, so you don’t slip. It provides the support to hold the pose for a longer duration. So, a yoga mat is a must have item as it also avoids direct contact of your body with the bare floor, which will also protect you in case you fall down. Always go for a yoga mat which is foldable, non-slippery, and lightweight.
  2. Yoga bag – Bags can help you carry your yoga accessories with you to the studio. You can keep all the necessary items in your bags such as a mat, water bottle, and everything else which you might need to freshen up after the class. The bag is for those people who go to the studio for a workout. Go for a bag which is large enough to carry all your stuff in one place.
  3. Yoga Towel – The towel helps in keeping your body and face sweat free so that you can fully focus on your yoga practice without any distractions. Yoga towels are also helpful in protecting your mat from getting slippery and dirty as you can use it to cover up the mat. A face or a hand towel is a must to add in your yoga essentials as it will help you maintain focus on the yoga session.
  4. Yoga Blocks – A yoga block is the most important part of the yoga practice as it can help you achieve the difficult postures. It is a very helpful prop for the beginners as it can help to enhance the practice by offering the necessary support. Experienced yogis can also make use of it to explore different poses, and it also helps in practicing yoga even at an injured state. The yoga block will help you in stretching the muscles to attain flexibility while maintaining a pose. To understand the importance of the block, you need to join a 200-hour yoga teacher training in Nepal because it can help you enhance your practice in yoga and there is more you can learn related to yoga and meditation.
  5. Yoga Straps – Yoga straps help in supporting your posture by making you safe and secure. It is the best equipment for beginners as it helps them to achieve complicated poses with ease. It can help you in improving your form and also helps in holding a position for a little longer by making the postures more accessible.
  6. Resistance Band – This inexpensive exercise tool can surely add a lot more benefits to your yoga poses. A resistance band is a beginner’s best friend, and it is also a suitable option for people of any age and fitness level. It helps in adding variety to your workout by exercising your whole body. It has a lot of benefits to it as it can make your yoga session intense and is surprisingly effective.

So all the yoga lovers, get these must-have yoga accessories that can help you in so many ways by making your yoga more exciting and fun.