Does your mom ever stare at you from afar and signal that you straighten your back? Or has anyone told you to sit up straight because you’re too bent? There are times when you might be slouching too much, and you do not notice. In another case, you might be slouching all your life already, and you’re just used to it. 

For people who slouch all the time, it’s somewhat hard to be conscious that they are doing it because it’s just what they usually do. Without a doubt, it feels more relaxing for them to maintain their slouched position than to force their bodies to straighten up. If you can relate to this, you know that it is tiring in a certain way. It feels like your back is struggling to remain on a straight posture.

The straight stance when sitting down and standing up are the proper body postures. It is extremely important that you pay attention to being in this body frame because they imply something about and affect your health. For you to better understand the significance of carrying and executing a proper posture, below are 8 good stuff you get from having it. 



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When you have a good posture, you surely have a smarter look. You do not seem lousy than when it looks like you have the world upon your shoulders literally. Your appearance leans on the active, energetic and enthusiastic side if you make sure that you have the proper posture always.

You are more presentable when it comes to work, reports and formal meetings when you look healthy having a good body posture. It gives you the professional facade that you need in certain situations, mostly regarding work. 

Because you know your body is on the right track, you become more confident about yourself. You are helping yourself boost self-esteem and push away negativities, worries and insecurities. It’s like you tell yourself that you are steel and no hardship can bring you down! Having a good posture wherever you are actually affects how you look at yourself. It is related to how you believe in yourself without comparing to others. It aids you in gaining and recollecting the self confidence that your life needs. 



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Sitting down for lengthy hours is as bad as standing up for the same. How much more if you are in them with a slouched posture and unhealthy body gestures? Your lower back gets distressed. Your spine’s posterior structures get pressured, then your body, especially your back, begins experiencing pain. 

Resting on just one arm, one leg or one side of your body can result in strain, mostly hip strain. Doing so might be comfortable at first, but that will not last long. You will just feel that it’s already not feeling nice but cramped and/or painful. 



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As you grow, your bones do not get stronger than they were when you were younger. Your bones as an adult become harder and more brittle. They are not as flexible as they were when you were a little kid. It’s because an adult’s bones and a child’s bones are already different in composition. 

That also implies your bones and body in general do not become more flexible as you age. That is why while you are younger, see to it that you maintain proper posture most of the time because it has a huge impact on what posture you will be living with when you have already gotten older and weaker. 

A good posture while you are still young is a preparation for a healthier life when you have grown up and more years are to your age. It’s like a practice for what’s to come.



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When you are sitting and standing straight, you are allowing yourself to be at your real height. That means you do not look smaller than you actually are. Your height is being highlighted, even if you are not that tall too.

If you are a tall person, then your height will be more admirable and appealing. It gets more emphasized. Imagine yourself being tall but slouching; your tallness seems incomplete with a bad posture. Since you are physically higher than most people you encounter, your bad body figure can easily be seen and noticed. Meanwhile, if you have proper posture, you will look taller and towering nicely.

On the other hand, if you are a small person and you slouch, you look smaller. If you are dreaming to become tall yet you hunch, you are not helping yourself to get even a bit of addition to your cute height. 

Not only in what you see but also in what you feel within yourself about your height, a correct posture does a lot. It makes you feel taller regardless if you are already tall or not.



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Just by looking at yourself slouching, you can imagine how your lungs are being compressed when you do that. A straight sitting position and standing position allow the space in your lungs to be augmented and improved, thus, enabling proper breathing and avoiding respiratory difficulties. 



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Similar to a strengthened lung capacity, blood flow is also influenced and supported by your posture. If you are sitting down with slouched posture, vital organs are being compacted and constricted. 

Blood circulation does not become poor and hampered if you be certain of your good posture. It will be able to work normally and freely as it is supposed to. The organs are also able to function well. For blood to move duly and healthily, proper alignment of the body is indispensable. It can also be achieved by refraining from positions that lead to body cramps. These cause circulation of the blood to be obstructed.



When you are working out or performing simple fitness exercises, you should not just think of what happens after your whole fitness journey. Some people are just mostly focused on the product, yet they are giving little alertness to the process.

Working out requires you to do it with the proper posture. Just because you are already doing the “healthy thing” (that is exercising regularly) does not mean you are doing everything correctly. Make sure you are positioned well.

Executing dance exercises is one thing, and using exercise equipment is another. The latter is even more challenging. It is so because aside from looking after yourself whether you are doing the right routines, you are also making sure that the exercise machines and instruments are working well and being used correctly. 

While using exercise bikes and spin bikes, you must not only enjoy the thought that you are biking but not moving. You must also keep in mind that there is a right position when it comes to cycling exercises. 

With every exercise category and equipment type, good posture is necessary. Be it push up equipment, leg raise machines, crunch machines, tricep machines and so on and so forth, it is not optional. The gym equipment might be diverse, but they must be used properly with your body following what it necessitates.



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You might not have realized, but headaches are sometimes due to wrong body positions when you are lying down, standing up or sitting down. When you are not paying ample attention to posing well, tension headaches make their way up to your head. It’s because your muscles in the back of your neck get pressured. 

The right posture can lessen muscle tension. Together with suitable exercises for you, it can enhance and toughen your neck muscles that are stressed out and weak. 

When your bones, muscles and joints are in the appropriate alignment, they are functioning as they are supposed to do so. In that way, you will experience less fatigue and more energy. When you exercise, use gym equipment and engage in intense workouts, your bones and muscles will be easier to condition. While getting tired and experiencing inevitable body pain after workout are present, still, your body will be in a healthy state and not strained.



Proper posture is needed for the body, not just for benefits regarding appearance but most especially for advantages that actually defy many things about life and the current conditions and the future of your health. 

One’s posture says many things about oneself. At the same time, how other people will perceive you is, in a way, affected by it. The first step to allowing proper posture to be a significant and irreplaceable part of your lifestyle is by being aware of it.

When you are too busy with work, playing computer games, reading books, eating or simply using your mobile phone, most of the time, you forget about your body posture. Awareness is essential; it does a lot when it’s present and negatively a lot when it is not. 

Proper posture isn’t constantly seen and done, but it must be maintained when it should be–that is most of the time. It requires strength, so when you feel your muscles are getting tired, don’t hesitate to take a rest, stretch and move around. Just never forget to be back in the right posture when it is needed.




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