If you are one of those who love to play video games, here is a fantastic proposition for you to make some handsome cash while you indulge in your passion for gaming. Today, we have several skill-based web games, that gaming enthusiasts have been engaging in, to make their leisure time remarkable. You can conveniently play these games on any smart device of your choice – there is no need to expend money on gaming consoles. Above all, the websites are absolutely free to join, and offer games compatible with most gadgets. Let us have a look at six of them.


It is a game for the hardcore gamers. Upon joining Clip2Play, you have to upload your avatar, and choose your preferred category to begin playing games. It boasts several flash games in varied genres ranging from Action to Sports Games. Clpi2Play lets you become an expert at these games. Players can also participate in various tournaments that go on all day long. At the end of each day, the site announces 50 winners, who are rewarded cash prizes and gift cards. The registration process is uncomplicated, and you can begin playing right away. Referring friends gets you 10 points.


It’s one of the pioneering and renowned sites where you can make money by playing skill games. Anybody aged 18 and above from anywhere in the world can play here. Play to earn GV Rewards, i.e., the game currency, and get it converted into cash or prizes whenever you want. Once inside Gamesville, you can make money in two ways. The first is by taking part in free tournaments, while the second is by dint of Bingo. Some games have a progressive jackpot too. The cool games here include Hot Streak Solitaire, Magic 21, Super Chef, and Quick-Draw Poker, etc.

Lala Loot

It is free to join and has several free games that players can play to earn tokens. Once you collect adequate tokens, you can utilise them to play other money-making games to win cash prizes. What makes Lala Loot likeable is the fact that it offers only casual games and not intense games. Upon signing up here, for the first five days, you can earn tokens just by viewing sponsors offers. Next, you need to achieve the task to get tokens, which you can use to play more games, and thereby, raise your prospects of grabbing cash prizes.

Second Life

It is quite a unique gaming platform, for it presents itself as more of a virtual 3D web world, than a game. Create a virtual representation of yourself, i.e., an avatar. Next, connect and chat with other players or ‘residents’ from all over the globe. You can interact with places and things too. Explore the virtual world, meet and socialize with other residents, participate in individual and group activities, construct and trade property and services with others, create and sell goods, etc., to earn money.

Corporation Master

It is a game which stimulates you politically, socially, and economically. You are rewarded productivity points for earning higher remuneration and extra bonuses. Productivity points can go up to 700 points, and every day, they fall by 0.15%. The game currency you earn can be converted into real cash. However, the only payout option is that of PayPal. It is a strategy-based game, wherein you get paid as per your strategy. It is free of time constraints. Your actions and persistence decide how successful you emerge.

Rummy Card Game

This game is probably the easiest of the lot. It is a card-melding game, in which players are required to group similar cards together. The one who does it first of all, dons the winner’s cap. Based on mathematical concepts, it is quite thrilling as your decision-making skills decide your fate. Partake in daily, weekly, and monthly online rummy  competitions, that have huge cash prizes. Moreover, there are multiple payment modes for easy fund transfer. Anybody aged 18 and above can register for free at RummyPassion.com, and play the rummy brain games for cash. To hone your skills, you also get the facility of free practice games.

The Gist

A lot many people love to play games, but only a handful know how to make some real money by exercising their gaming talent in online skill games. As you have seen in this article, there are skill-based digital games, that allow the skilled players to make some cash in their free time. It is like killing two birds with one stone. On one hand, you rejoice with the game-play, and on the other, you can generate some extra cash with your gaming expertise.