If you have a stack of cardboard boxes in some corner of the house, no need to worry about. Although recycling is a good option, or you may give them to cardboard cartons suppliers. But before breaking down these boxes think about some of the creative ideas to reuse them in a purposeful way. Cardboard packaging can be converted into different storage and fun project which you might not have imagined. It would be great fun for you and your kids. By using some of the simple supplies available at your home, you can turn these cardboard boxes wholesale to something functional for the future. This saves your cost. Moreover, it’s a great way to surprise the guests with your creativity. Below are some of the unique tips and ideas to reuse cardboard boxes:

  • Repurposed Cardboard Storage:

Cardboard Storage

You can turn those old custom cardboard boxes into amazing storage baskets. All you require is some time and a few supplies. Remove the lids of boxes. Cover the boxes externally with some fabric. You can use any old belt to make a handle. These storage totes are perfect for organizing anything like clothes, kids’ toys, magazines, and even craft supplies.

  • Drawer Dividers:

Cardboard Drawer

Cardboard is the best way to keep your drawers organized. If you have a number of custom cardboard boxes, utilize them to organize your stuff. Convert them to straight sheets. Measure the dimensions of the drawer and cut them accordingly. Fit them into the drawers. It’s a perfect way to separate sock from other items and keep stuff organized. Make sure that the cardboard perfectly fit inside the drawers and they are tight enough not to fall over.

  • Cardboard City – Kid Fun!

Cardboard Kids Fun

Creating a city out of cardboard packaging is a fun project for kids. It let them play and enjoy for long. Take a variety of empty cardboard boxes by TheCustomBoxes. Build different types of buildings and shops from them. Add on kids with you for decorating them in a colorful way. Use markers, watercolors, spray paints and poster colors whatever you have. This small scale city is perfect for playing with dolls and cars.

  • Recycled Cardboard Vase:

Cardboard Vase

It is an extremely new idea. Printed cardboard made boxes can be used to make a recycled vase. All you need is a cardboard tube, corrugated cardboard, an old CD and some of the basic supplies like glue, and, etc. Cut the cardboard in thin small strips. Layer them around the tubing. The CD will serve as the base and help the vase to stand properly. As it gets finished, paint it in the way you want or leave as it is. You can also wrap jute all around to give an attractive look. The cardboard vase is perfect to display silk flowers or the actual ones. Just slip a small vase or a glass down the tube.

  • Cat Scratching Post:

Cardboard Cat Scratching

If you are fond of keeping pets, it’s a necessary thing. Especially cats, they love to scratch. Creating a scratching post for them out of cardboard boxes wholesale is an interesting idea. It’s a good way to save your furniture and walls. If you have corrugated cardboard, it is even more useful. Your cat will fall in love with it.

  • Geometric Cardboard Lamp:

Cardboard Lamp

This cardboard geometric lamp gives an adorable look. You can use old printed cardboard made boxes for this purpose. Cut them in the desired shape and assemble the lamp. It’s a beautiful piece to display. Add LED tea-light candles inside them for a wonderful glow. Moreover, it’s easy to make. Cut the shapes out of cardboard and place all the pieces together.

  • Cardboard iPad Case:

Cardboard iPad Case

iPad cases are quite expensive to purchase. Instead of paying out money, an interesting idea is to make iPad cases on your own. You can use cardboard packaging for this purpose. Measure the size of your iPad and cut the cardboard accordingly. Cover it with a fabric to make it last longer. Such a casing is really functional. Secure it by adding ties made from ribbon. It will take a short time to make it but you can save all that money.