There isn’t a single scepticism about the fact that Indian weddings are coolest and most magnificent. Belonging to colourful culture and outlandish heritage, the citizens of India do not think twice before adding all the shades of fun and moods to the wedding ceremonies.

Marriage means embarking a new journey by composing multiple amendments in one’s lifestyle and doing little adjustments to make each other happy. However, no matter how many people count the wedding as a happy event, the stress of getting an hour-glass shape and perfect complexion makes the brides go crazy.

The world might be progressing at a swift pace, but a lot of people expect to see the bride as a quintessential to only one adjective – “Beautiful”. The definition of beauty has been fixed for a girl as being fair and slim. Women cut on their diets to make their waist tinier day by day, without realizing the long-term effects of these actions over their health.

The ones getting married in a couple of days or weeks shall learn that every size, shape, and color is beautiful and even if it is not, girls do not owe their appearance and prettiness as rent to the world for claiming their space. They are much more than just being beautiful and the girls must carry confidence along with their natural looks and size in the pre-wedding and wedding photoshoots.

Here are some ways with which you can begin a ripple of change in the sea of brides that are starving themselves to weakness.

  • Show Your True Side – Getting all glam-up for wedding photoshoots is a common trend followed by people all over the world. Make-up and photo editing techniques have made concealing the flaws a little easier and people prefer these options over going under the knife. Dare to be different and say a big ‘NO’ to anything that hides your reality to come out in front of the world. Ditch any kind of make-up and ask your wedding photographer to not to edit the features and texture of the skin.
  • Break The Hour Glass – Getting thin is not a synonym of being pretty. Every body shape is special and needs to be celebrated as perfect. Obesity is a serious problem and needs to be worked upon only if it turns as a medical problem, but the stress of looking like a magazine model in the wedding sickens a person and steels the happiness out of the girl at her own wedding. So, just shatter the idea of getting thin and avoid using corsets or tummy tuckers that would make you look like just every other bride in the wedding pictures. Instead, be true, be you.

It’s high time since the world needs to realize that beauty is way above than just looks, complexion, and waist size. The little changes can start an image of body positivity among others and help the girls fight depression and anxiety suffered just because of the way they look.

Today, a large number of countries have an ancient mindset where women are treated just as an object to showcase as a symbol of ‘Beautiful Belongings’. The stereotypes which fence the women in a particular category needs to be eradicated and the steps like these will surely make a difference, maybe sooner or later. It will ultimately help in ending the practices of body shaming and motivate women all over the world to get rid of trying to fit in the fake ‘beauty standards’ created by the society and promoted by cosmetic companies.