Commercial juicers are mainly used in businesses like restaurants, cafeteria, and food joints. Thus, if you compare the price of a commercial juicer with the standard ones that we use at home, the former ones are much more expensive. Other than providing a huge volume of juices these juicers are expected to be tough and long-lasting. Domestic juicers cannot prepare a hundred glasses of juice every day, and you need a commercial juicer for your business to fulfill your customer needs.

6 Benefits of Commercial Juicers:

Thus, while you splurge a good amount to purchase these juicers, you consider it as a business investment. Automatically you expect a decent return from the investment that you made. Thus, you need to get adequate knowledge about a commercial juicer before you purchase one for yourself.

#1. Durability: Ensure the juicer is made up of sturdy parts that are ready to undertake a huge load and provide you with flawless service. Plastic juicers won’t be able to bear so many loads. Thus, commercial juicers are made up of solid metals like die-cast aluminum or steel.  So, you do not need to replace such juicers recurrent time and you can use the commercial juicers for a longer period of time.

#2. Speed: The speed of the juicer is of utmost importance as no customer will prefer to wait for a long span. The commercial juicer should be able to perform its task in a few seconds. Moreover, the juicer should be ideal to grind whole vegetables and fruits even. It won’t be possible to cut and grind the vegetables manually because time is precious in business.

#3. Simple Usage: Remember the juicers will be used by the staffs. So, don’t expect them to use a fancy thing with complicated user manual. They may take time to understand and may make mistakes. Moreover, they won’t always have enough time to remember all the advanced mechanism. So always opt for a juicer that is very easy to operate.

#4. Reliable: Now commercial juicers are not bought for fancy juice making at home. Those are used infinite times in a day. You should expect it to operate at a stretch in the same manner for days, months and years. So, go for a company that you can rely upon.  Most of the reputed companies offer long term warranty on their commercial juicers and you can avail their warranty or free services if you need. So, check the warranty terms and conditions of the company before you buy the juicer. 

#5. Juice Quality: Ensure the juicer provides you with the best quality of juice every time without any lumpy pulp present in the juice. That will create a bad image on the customer about your quality of service.

#6. Pulp Ejection: The juicer should be well equipped with the pulp ejection method. You need to decide on how frequently the pulp should be ejected while making the juice on a continuous basis.

Optional Points for Purchasing Commercial Juicers:

  • Whether It Is Noisy: This point is purely optional. Often traditional commercial juicer makes a loud noise. But now you can find some commercial juicers that do not create any noise and you can easily use them in an open space. 
  • Size of The Juicer: You need to determine the exact space that you can provide for the juicer in your establishment and have to choose the juicer according to the space available in your shop.

These few aspects are really essential while you intend to select commercial juicer for your business. Remember with the purchase of right kind of juicer you can earn limitless and gain a foothold in this domain in just no time.