Are you running a restaurant or a hotel, then you would understand the importance of a hygienic and functional kitchen. These commercial kitchen looks into functionalities, accessibility and is well-organized. They are designed for the safe and proper cooking. These commercial kitchens can either be installed in one’s house or in a facility that is separate. Designing your commercial kitchen can help you to do your work very efficiently. Whether you are planning to make some cookies or having brunch at your place, a commercial kitchen will help you to meet your requirements in terms of easy food handling and other requirements.

Equipment of Food Service

Most of the commercial kitchens use equipment which is highly professional. These equipment are usually made up of stainless steel, thus making them easy to be cleaned. There are also several refrigeration equipments which is designed in a professional manner to cook foods very quickly.

The equipment that is used for washing dishes in commercial kitchens should use advanced technology. They should be able to reach temperatures which are high so that the dishes can be sanitized easily. There should also be multiple compartments where the dishes can be washed, rinsed and sanitized easily. The setup should be designed in such a manner that it meets all the requirements of food safety and sanitization. While constructing or hiring a commercial kitchen one has to take into account that it has to cater to a large volume of food requirement every day.

Difference Between Ordinary Kitchen and Commercial Kitchen

Commercial kitchens are different from regular kitchens in a number of ways. While regular kitchens are designed mainly for domestic purposes, these kitchens are designed in a much more intricate manner so that they can efficiently deal with various kinds of tasks. This includes various kinds of tasks like cooking, frying, baking, and grilling. The kitchen should be planned such that there are specially assigned places as well as relevant equipment for the different kinds of tasks.

In addition, when it comes to comparison between the commercial and home kitchen, then the design of the commercial cooking place consists of multiple sinks, gas outlets, and cooking station, the objective is to cater the large volume of cooking requirement. You would not find the same in the home kitchen.

Inspection and Licensing Of The Commercial Kitchens

It is important to note that commercial kitchens should be inspected thoroughly and licensed. To run this type of kitchen, one has to get the necessary license and pass the inspection by the authorities before you start running the kitchen. There is the various parameter that you need to take into account to get the license to operate:

  1. It should have a proper design.
  2. Have a proper layout.
  3. A commercial kitchen should ensure all-round protection of the food which is being processed.
  4. It must have all the necessary equipment like sinks, cooktops, gas, refrigeration, etc.
  5. Timely inspection by inspectors ensures that the food that is being processed is absolutely safe. 

Design A Proper Layout That Will Enhance the Work Flow

The local health departments which conduct timely inspections are only concerned with the infrastructure as long as it is related to the safety of the food. This includes factors like a mop sink should not be installed too close to the prep sink and so on. However, it is important to make sure that the design of the commercial kitchen offers ease of workflow. The appliances should have sufficient space in between them so that the employees get ample space for working and they don’t hump into one another. These steps are important as they not only make the work efficiency but also help to save time in the long run.


For any organization which is doing any food-related business or the individuals who are willing to start their food business must take the above-mentioned points into consideration. It is in the kitchen where the food is prepared, cooked and then carefully plated before it is served. Disregard of the size of the kitchen, if it is designed carefully, the staff can deliver great quality food in absolutely no time. Thus, it is essential to have a look into the basics of stocking, designing and maintaining a commercial kitchen.