It starts with sexually transmitted infection and shifts to sexually transmitted disease. STD affect your reproductive and sexual organs. If you are sexually active, you have a much higher chances of getting sexually transmitted diseases. In order to protect your life from further health hazards, you need to know everything about STI.

Sexually transmitted disease also carries some other diseases like:

  • Blindness
  • cancer
  • organ damage
  • infertility

The major disadvantage of STI is that people don’t even realise they have it. The symptoms are not noticeable at all. When you make sexual contact with someone, you may experience some kind of symptoms that are not normal. You will feel a little different about your body, this is the time when you need to be sure of the infection.

There’s only one way in which you can be sure of the disease and that is, screening! Screening will help in identifying any abnormal cells in your body. When the doctor finds it, you will then be put to some other tests where they can confirm about the disease.

Testing is not like screening. They both are different! Though the terms might be taken as a synonym and they are also used interchangeably but they do carry different meaning. Testing requires your doctor to check if you have shown him some signs like that of sore throat or as such. Screening means you go for a check but without any symptoms. Screening helps in identifying the abnormal cells being developed in your body which further helps in identifying your disease way before you get the actual symptoms.

When should I get tested?

Though there is no such bar for testing. If you doubt your body is reacting differently for the past couple of days, you must go to check for the disease. You must go for sexual health checkup if:

  • You are starting up a new relationship and involve in oral or physical sex
  • If your partner doesn’t want to use any protection
  • If your partner has cheated on you quite often
  • If you have multiple partners
  • When you feel like having symptoms similar to STI

Finding that instantly that you have STI, is quite difficult. You have to go through many test samples and regular visit to the doctor’s chamber.

If you are enjoying monogamous relationship and have tested for STI, then there’s no need to another STI test. An honest relationship starts with an open conversation. It is very important to tell your partner regarding the test and how he/she must seek treatment if necessary. Before entering into a physical contact, you must have an open discussion about the health risk after you both starts having congenial nights.

Which STI test you should start with?

How would you know which test should you be beginning with? This is the most important and most confusing question. Even if you have started noticing signs of STI, do you know which tests you must go for. As every test depends on the symptoms and the types of disease you may have. The types of tests which are required for you depends on the symptoms.

So notice your symptoms properly and make a note of all of them so that it would be easy for you to explain your gynaecologist. The nurse will inform you about the test they need to perform on you and how you should be preparing yourself. HIV test happens with the patient’s consent and there is no force involved here. The sooner you will be detected about the STI, the sooner it will be treated. Consult with a Private GP at Medical Express Clinic and get the queries resolved within minutes. They may recommend you, based on your symptoms, to go for these tests:

  • gonorrhea
  • trichomoniasis
  • chlamydia
  • syphilis
  • human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
  • hepatitis B

Can you both have any complications when detected with HIV positive?

A lot of couples do find it safe when they both are victims of HIV. HIV has the power to destroy the immune system which helps in fighting against the disease. There is no such cure for HIV but with proper medication, you can take control over the infection. If being sexually infected, you still continue to protect yourself, this will help both of you to get rid of other types of sexually transmitted diseases.

The process begins with the healthcare provider who looks for the direct signs from your body such as your genitals, mouth or anus. They look for any type of infections. The test is similar to that of a pelvic exam. The provider takes the samples and send them in the laboratory to further look at the microscopic level. You will get STD Tests at Walk in STI Clinic in London, community health centres, or visit your family doctor or any private sexual health clinic. 

Open up without hesitation

You must discuss everything to your doctor. Sexual risk factors can be dangerous to you if you haven’t yet discussed with anyone. Tell your doctor if you have been forced to do intercourse or if you are pregnant. Sexual assault and foced sex increases the chances of STI. if you have been honest with the doctor, you will receive better treatment.

A lot of people do feel a kind of shame while going for a sexual health check up. Please keep this in your mind that they have seen numerous cases like you and they have studied on that field. So for them nothing is new or extraordinary.

They might ask you about your sexual partners, your sexual tendencies, your contraception preferences, etc. always feel free to answer in the most honest way. The honest you will be, the correct treatment you will get. So avoid being a shy patient and be open enough to share them your complete problems. You need to call in advance to check for the opening hours. You might have to wait for long period of time so be sure you have enough time to do so. A lot of private STD testing clinic in London provides walk in clinic facility which means you might have to wait for few hours.

Conclusion: Safe sex can be a thing of a complete joy and fun. When you have no worries at all, you can be free from tensions that bother you regarding sexually transmitted diseases. While you are sexually active, it’s important to get tested for STD. Safest sex determines the fact that when you physically get closed to your partner and have the sexual contact, you are not subjected to any risks. A safe sex can only happen if both the partners are free from any types of sexually affected diseases. Such partners need to have physical contact with only one partner and without the use of the drugs, such sexual activity is completely risk free.