Bharatanatyam is a mixture of emotions, song, rhythm, and expressions. Bharatanatyam includes all the traditional aspects of an Indian classical dance – postures (hand position), acting (facial expressions) and Padma (narrative dance).

Bharatnatyam is famous for its specific gestures. Especially the fixed upper torso, legs bent or knees flexed out blended with incredible footwork.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body!

Dance is to move rhythmically to track, generally following a set sequence of steps. However for someone, its far worship, for a person it is an artwork, for someone its miles an expression of emotions, for someone it’s far an image of happiness, for someone its miles and enjoyment, for someone it is an existence. Best Bharatnatyam Dance Academy and Classes in Hyderabad keeps our Indian dance culture alive within us.

Indian classical dances are as various as Indian subculture.

It’s tough to say whilst the upward thrust of dance came. However the lifestyle of dance in India is coming from the technology of the technology.

A bronze statue of a dancing female seemed from the remnants of the Mohenjodaro or rock art work of people at the same time as dancing made in India’s temples; Stupas, caves display the history and improvement of the dance with proof. In India, extraordinary sorts of dances have been born and glorified the United States of America.

Repertoire and Sequence of Bharatanatyam:

It is also accomplished in elements, the primary dance and 2d acting. Dance created from the parts of the frame; it’s far important for juvenile, emotional and imaginary expression.

In bharatanatyam, 3 essential factors of dance which can be experience or state of mind, melody or melodrama, rhythm or time adjustment have included skilfully. In the approach of bharatanatyam, there are sixty four ideas of coordination of hand, leg, face and body operation, which accomplished in a dance path. Best Bharatnatyam Dance Academy in Hyderabad promotes Indian dance culture in our society.

In bharatanatyam, the performer follows a seven-element order of presentation (Margam).


The dance presentation starts with rhythmic invocation known as alarippu. It’s a natural dance as a preliminary heat-up dance without melody, which mixes a thank you and advantages from the god and the guru.


The following degree of the dance overall performance, adds melody to the alarippu, the dancer performs without any expressed phrases. She plays a chain (Korvai) to the rhythm of the beats of the drums of any carnatic melody, supplying the aggregate of track, rhythm, and movements.


The subsequent level of the classical dance performance, adds words (shabdam) to the dance. Brief compositions with phrases and meaning, in a spectrum of moods supplied with the aid of the dancer, the vocalists, and the musical team.


On this component, the one-of-a-kind characters of dance art provided. In all of the elements of bharatanatyam, this fraction is the maximum difficult and maximum extended part of bharatanatyam. The dancer plays the complex movements which includes expressing a verse at speeds. The dancer presents the authentic composition, revelling in all her moves, silently speaking the textual content via codified gestures and footwork, rhythmically punctuated. Her hands and frame inform a story, whether or not of affection or a war among the god and the devil.


This part consists of simplicity, of drama (expression) of the solemn spiritual message or devotional non secular prayer.


This component is the ultimate a part of bharatanatyam, the climax. On this episode, along with brilliant dance songs, one of a kind shades of the beauty of woman are proven.

Costumes and Ornaments of Bharatanatyam dance form:

Women’s clothes involve a customized sari, a substantial quantity of jewellery, inclusive of bangles, rings, rings, nostril jewellery, and particular embellishes for the palms and head, anklets, ankle bells. Men commonly put on a dhoti masking the lower frame and no higher garment. The guys additionally wear ankle bells. You could witness the beauty of bharatanatyam with the Kerala excursion programs supplied via pinnacle-notch Kerala excursion operator. Saroja Vaidyanathan, Rukmini Devi Arundale, Yamini Krishnamurthy, Malavika Sarkar, Vaijantimala are few of the well-known classical bharatanatyam dancers.