We are living in a work world where the major part of our time is spent at workplaces. To adapt to these environments and adjust in them we need to mend our ways. This fact is best reflected in our outfits and attires. Every work and workplace has its own demands and requirements to which we are bound to meet. Consequently, it becomes necessary to vary our wearing habits according to our jobs. Eventually Work Clothes are categorized as follow:

  • Industrial Work-wear
  • On site Work-wear
  • Office Work-wear

Industrial Work Clothes

It include bombers, Hi viz Vests and jackets. Cargo trousers, shorts, coverall, flame retardant jackets and trousers are also a part of industrial work-wear. Denim jeans and flannel shirts are equally used in industry as well as at on site work places. Work-wear with respect to industry and site work ought to be as strong and tough as the working class itself, since it has to face the hard work conditions too. Moreover, it is bound to be flexible enough to bend, squat and climb so that workmen can perform their duties with ease and comfort so their efficiency wouldn’t be marred.

Selection of work-wear is quite a serious matter as it has some serious consequences on one’s efficiency and health. It even can affect the revenue and repute of the business. Nowadays we believe in the quote, “first impression is the last impression” thus consequently our attire attains great importance in this regard. Whether you are an individual who has to chose a working clothing gear for personal use or you have to choose a uniform for the staff certain considerations have to be kept in your mind.


It is the most important feature which is related to any work-wear, specially selecting a work suit for industrial or on-site workers. It involves a good understanding of the understanding of your working environment and risks involve in your jobs. Weather conditions also play a vital role in this regard. For instance, if you are working in a hot condition then cotton T-Shirts, cargo trouser or even cargo shorts and sweat shirts would add into essentials. Even if Hi viz are required for summers or hot conditions then Hi viz vests, jumpers and non-padded Hi viz bomber suits are recommendable. Even in Hi viz pure cotton shirts are also available in the market for summers. Similarly, if you are dealing with hot and flammable materials then flame retardant are the most advisable items which are mostly available in coveralls to protect your body from any harm. On the contrary if you have to deal with cool and damp surroundings all the above-mentioned articles are available in padded form and in long sleeves with an addition of waterproofing. Coveralls are also a best choice for such industries where you have to deal with irritants – material that can harm your body or pollute it – for instance, in chemical industries and cement industries. A boiler suit is the best example in this regard. These are recommendable for site workers, too, specially construction site workers.


It is the most common essential related to any type of clothing but as it comes to work-wear its importance is multiplied many folds as it affects the efficiency of the workers a lot. If a worker is not comfortable in a clothing and finds it difficult to move or carry the routine on, he wouldn’t be able to work properly and his efficiency rate will fall that consequently it will affect the company or business, too. With respect to comfort size, weight and right fabric choice will become the most important credentials. A loose and easy fit outfit is always a suitable choice for work since a tight work-wear will restrict one’s movements and will affect the productivity. Similarly, light weight out fits that can protect us from cold weathers are the best choice for winters as they are easy to carry and work in. Choice of fabric is the key to previously mentioned considerations. A breathable cloth is a best choice in this respect.

As soon as we think of men’s office workwear an array of graceful dress shirts and pants, ties and elegant suits start hovering in our minds. While discussing the work-wear for men when we turn to Office Work-wear, we find that it is divided into following four categories as per environment and hierarchical level:

  • Business Formal
  • Business Professional
  • Business Casual
  • Casual

The business formal approach is usually confined to executives and superiors in any office. Such clothing is required for formal attending and public dealings affairs. The best manifestation of this approach can be seen in banks. This style of clothing is characterized by tailored approach. While going for business formal clothing one needs to go for a three-button suit in traditional plain colors like gray, black or navy. When it comes to shirts a white, collared button up shirt is recommended with a modest colored tie – bright in color and traditional in style. Ties with patterns should be avoided. Casual wear – T-shirts, trousers and sweaters – are not recommendable in this regard.

Business professional approach is recommendable for professionals working in any business. It is still conservative, traditional and neat as formal one but a little relaxed with respect to color and pattern. While adopting business professional attire you can opt for a one or tow button suit. Here you can go for patterns that are still traditional e.g. stripes and checks. In shirts again you are advised to use collared button-up shirts with a liberty of color choice. However, sober colors like blue, burgundy and gray are advisable ones. In ties again a liberty is granted with respect to patterns and colors – strips and dots are recommendable. Sports jackets can be used in this dressing code if a suit is not used. Casuals have no place in this style.

Business casual clothing provide liberty to workers from the restrictions confined by business professional approach. It includes collared button-up shirts in any color and traditional patterns – checks and stripes. Tie is not an essential item for this style. Dressy slacks like black dress pants or khakis are a part and parcel of this mode. In tops pullovers, sweaters and sports jackets over shirts are declared to be tactical.

Casual wear for office includes casual pants, denim jeans and collared polo or crew neck shirts with sweaters and pullovers. However, shorts are not recommended here. As far as jeans are concerned straight cut and dark wash colors are advisable. There are no restrictions with respect to colors at all.

Your choice of office work-wear must attribute to your professional look. Choose an attire that suits to your profession. In this perspective right choice of color and fabric becomes essential. You have to take in considerations of color associations as well. Quality of fabric plays a key role in this regard.

While choosing a work attire cost effective is a core element that should be kept in mind whether you are selecting a uniform for a firm or buying a personal work suit for your own self. It should be economical and durable so that it can value its cost in the long run. Because effective cost management is the key to a successful business.

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