The Andaman Islands exhibit the natural beauty at its best, and that’s why it is one of the most popular holiday destinations. In addition to the natural charms like beaches and islands, there are many beautiful museums in Andaman that exhibits the art, culture, history, and amazing marine life of the island.

History enthusiasts visit these museums to enrich their knowledge about this beautiful destination and see the rare marine species preserved in these historical centers. You should also visit some of these museums to make your Andaman trip exciting:

  1. Samundrika Marine Museum:

Run by Indian Navy, this museum is also known as Naval Marine Museum. This is one of the best places in Andaman to get knowledge of sea creatures and other species. The vast collection of seashells and coral reefs that probably took hundreds of years to form is worth watching here.

The whole museum is divided into five main parts where you can gain knowledge of the history of the Andaman Island, the geology of district, marine life, antiquarianism and culture of locals.

  1. Anthropological Museum:

Dense forests of Andaman Island are still inhabited by the local tribal people whose lifestyle is totally peculiar from the modern world. The Anthropological Museum holds evidence that portrays the unique lifestyle of these tribal people.

One can see the photographs, tools, and weapons that illustrate the evolution of indigenous population like Jarawa, Onge, Sentinels and Nicobarese tribes. The place is quite informative and ideal to understand the culture of Andaman.

  1. Forest Museum:

Forest museum is perfect for nature lovers who want to see how forests help in fulfilling the various needs of humans. You can see the development as well as the deconstruction of forests here. Artist creates beautiful artifacts by carving the forest wood here.

You can also buy wooden souvenirs created out of the best wood of forest at this museum. The place will acquaint you about the use of forest wood in art and crafts, material packaging, ship-building, and architecture.


  1. Zoological Survey of India Museum:

If you want to learn about flora and fauna of Andaman Island, then you must visit this museum. Here, you can find not only the exquisite creatures of marine life but also the forest species like fowls and reptiles of the island.

The creatures are well-exhibited with proper labels and information at this museum. The examination researchers keep updating the museum and its information from time to time.

  1. Science Centre:

People who are visiting Andaman Island with kids and family should add this center into their itinerary. This place is good, especially for children as there are many scientific models, and pictures depicting varied scientific phenomena.

The place is quite entertaining with the activities like light and sound show and 7D movie. The working models and marine species display can help you in spending valuable time here.

So, visit any of these museums to see a unique side of Andaman!