3 Modern Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas That Can Help You Create a Fantastic Kitchen

Do you have a contemporary home? Or do you want to adorn your home according to modern standards? Then, your home decor will also be leaning on modern styles and trends. Right from the living room, bedrooms, to the bathrooms, powder rooms, and even the kitchen must be well-adorned in the contemporary style. And when you hear about contemporary kitchens, there is nothing better than defines a modern cooking space than an open kitchen. So, if you are confused about how to decorate the kitchen of your new house or how to remodel the old kitchen in the modern style, then you should just go with the open kitchen blindly.

Storage and functionality are two important pillars of any kitchen, be it an open one or a closed one. Therefore, while planning your open kitchen too, you have to ensure that you are investing in high-quality storage solutions like the cabinetry. You can opt for something as sleek and smart as the RTA kitchen cabinets which do not have any installation hassle and can be assembled by the homeowners themselves. Since open kitchens have a tad bit limited scope for storage due to lack of walls, you need to make the most of your available kitchen cabinetry as you cannot install extra cabinets later on or add other cupboards. It will ruin the décor and will also make the kitchen clumsy.

That is why here we bring you some amazing shelving ideas for open kitchens. Check them out now.

1. Group Similar Things Together

Firstly, when you are decorating or planning your kitchen design, you should make sure that the kitchen is well-organized. And to do that in a modern kitchen, you must learn how to group things. You should make a list of your kitchen essentials which are stored in a shelf or a cabinet. Next, you should pick and choose the components that go together such as the mugs, cups, cutlery sets, knife sets, and glasses, etc. Another group could be all the big utensils you need for cooking. Now you can store these things together in one section of your cabinetry. Or if it is an open shelf, you can also group similar kinds of crockery with the same finish variancetv. This will not just look stylish but it will also make your work easier.

2. Mix and Match a Little

While you are putting together things that have the same function, you should also learn to mix and match a few things. There should be a certain shelf in your contemporary style kitchen cabinetry that stores all the miscellaneous things. Blend a few functional and decorative items that according to you will not fit in any of the cabinet spaces. For instance, the recipe books, refrigerator keys, oven instructional manual, and other such random things that can be mixed.

3. Flaunt a Few Things Here & There

If you are planning a modern kitchen, you should blend the cabinet styles a little and opt for both open shelving as well as closed shelves for the cabinetry. So, if you want to flaunt something from your kitchens such as a highly advanced kitchen appliance or an exquisite dinner set you bought from another country, you can place them in the cabinet which has open shelving. Or if you want to hide something unsightly or something that is essential and yet does not quite match the decor of the kitchen, then you can lock it in your closed cabinet. If you don’t want a completely open cabinet, you can opt for a glass door cabinet which will keep the items clean and yet be visible to the visitors.

So, without any further ado, get started with your modern kitchen. And if you are tight on the budget for your open kitchen shelving ideas, you can opt for the wholesale kitchen cabinets from a reputed company near you.