Looking for a reliable partner for your move? Surrounded by infinite questions? Calm down! Get answers to all your questions by hiring a professional for your move. They have been emerged globally providing its best moving solutions by eliminating all the hassles related to a shipment. The only name that strikes when it comes to move the stuff with extreme care is Agarwal packers and movers.

Few of them are given below-

1. I searched on the web portal by writing the name of your company but a long list appeared on the screen. How will I differentiate which one is original?

Do not get confused; simply visit the official website i.e. www.agarwalpackers.com and get all the desired information.

2. How can I put an enquiry? Do you charge any charges for that?

No, we don’t charge anything for putting up an enquiry. Once you have opened our website, you can see the option in front for putting an enquiry.

3. How can I assure that you have received my request?

After you have opted for an enquiry, you will be getting a text message on your registered mobile number that you have entered there.

4. What will the next step after that?

You will be getting a call for a pre move survey. We will come for the survey at your door step.

5. What is a pre move survey?

It is an activity performed to examine the goods that are required to be relocated. It is done by an executive from our company known as surveyor.

6. What is the benefit of taking a survey?

It is basically done to get the idea of the packing material that will be used and also helps in computation of the price that will be paid by the customer.

7. How you will pack my articles?

With our expert and efficient manpower, we will be packing each and every article with extreme care and protection, by considering its shape, size, nature and worth.

8. I want to move my car. How you will transport it?

To move the cars with utmost safety and security we have specialized car carriers. They have been made to transport the car with extreme protection to the destination.

9. What are the documents required to move a car?

The documents required-

• Xerox of registration certificate, pollution certificate, driving license, insurance certificate of the car.

• One Xerox of ID proof.

• 2 passport size photographs.

10. Do you have any option to move the articles privately?

Yes, we have trucking cubes available with us. It is our own invention especially designed to provide private spaces to our customer to ship their articles and it also ensures zero transshipment facility for the consignment on transit.

11. How you will assure that a trucking cube ensures zero transshipment?

To assure this, we have enabled an option for our customers and that is- you can lock your cube by using your own personal lock and can keep the keys with you until your goods are delivered at the destination.

12. What is an LED box?

It is the box with soft cushioning surface form inside. It is durable and is used to pack the delicate items like LED and LCD.

13. Do you promote pet shipments also?

Yes, we have pet carriers used to ship the pets at the destination with extra care, love and affection and also they are fed by us at regular intervals during transit.

14. I have a small temple in my home. How they will pack it?

We have a special procedure to pack a temple and that is called ‘Mandir packing’. While packing it our team will wash their hands first and all the ideals are packed carefully by following religious beliefs and a sticker is pasted on it with the description “Mandir” on it so that it can be loaded and unloaded separately.

Refer to the above mentioned details and move freely with movers and packers.