You will need to make the right decision while choosing the right Holden Barina radiator, whether it is for your new building project or you are just replacing the existing radiators in your home. For this, you will need to consider several things including the features of the systems, the BTU and others.

The first consideration, however, is the heat output that you want in your room. For this, you will need to consider the size as well as the layout of the room. In addition to that, you will need to consider some other points, such as:

  • The level of insulation required
  • The double glazing factors
  • The existence of an open fire
  • The patio doors and lots more

The best approach, however, is to use the Heat Calculator to choose the best Holden Barina radiator with the right heat output according to your needs.

In addition to that, you will also need to consider other influencing factors such as:

  • The style which includes designer or contemporary
  • The energy efficiency to keep your energy bills as low as possible but the output on the higher side
  • The trench heating factor
  • Your budget

Also, consider the colors and finishes along with the type of systems such as open or closed-circuit systems and the fuel used by it.


You will need to consider the BTU essentially when you want to buy the right type of Holden Barina radiator. This will help you to determine the right size of the radiator because bigger does not always necessarily have to be better.

You must consider the size as well as the material because that will affect the BTU output significantly. Basically, the BTU calculator will help you to know what you need and the rest will then rely on how you want your room to look.

When you consider the BTU, it is important to consider the material because it will determine how quickly the Holden Barina radiator will heat up the room or cool it. Technically, aluminum material is the best for radiator material, though there are other pricier ones. This is because:

  • Aluminum is a superconductor of heat. It will start heating your room as soon as you start the radiator and cool it as quickly as possible.
  • In addition to that, aluminum is also light in weight, making it easy to install and eventually reducing your installation cost.

If you are not very keen on having such benefits, then of course you have other variants such as cast iron and stainless-steel models to install.

Other Factors to Consider

You will be better off when you consider a few other factors as well when you want to choose the right Holden Barina radiator:

  • If you have old radiators, consider it to be a period real asset, provided it is in pristine working order. However, old radiators require more attention as they can suffer from shot blast due to unsightly paints and even cold spots as a result of sludge build up inside. Therefore, when you go for old radiators, make sure that they do not only look robust but they are also free from cracks or blockages in seal gaskets and joint sections.
  • If you consider TRVs or Thermostatic Radiator Valves, you will be better off as that will enable you to set the temperature manually to regulate the heat output. This will automatically reduce the flow to it when the air temperature of the surrounding is comparatively high.

Therefore, it can be said to conclude that if you combine thermostatic control with a central timer, you will have the best results when you use a radiator in your room.