A person is incomplete without love. People celebrate Valentines’ day on 14th Feb as an annual celebration of love, romance and friendship. Valentines’ day is considered to be the perfect day to boost your existing relationship or find a new partner. For optimizing your love feng shui lags nowhere. You can discuss with feng shui consultants to improve your relationship. 

Here are some feng shui tips which you can follow for Valentines’ day to boost and harmonize your relationship.

How do feng shui tips help?

Oxytocin is a hormone that is released in our body when we feel safe and secure. This hormone is also known as love and bonding hormone. It acts as an antidote for stress hormone cortisol. Your environment plays an important role in your relationship. Feng shui laws boost your Oxytocin hormone release and thus relieve your stress. 

Following are some basic feng shui tips:

  1. Activate the love area of your bedroom: The top right-hand corner of your door is considered as the love or relationship area of your bedroom. So the first thing you have to do is to sort out and energize love area of your bedroom. To energize the love area, you can use lamps, crystals, plants or some meaningful pictures which represents love.
  2. Wooden Beds and Foam Mattresses: The most important thing in your home is a bed. Make sure you have wooden frame bed with organic foam mattress which means that the mattress do not contain metal springs.
  3. Sleep in total darkness: If you do not sleep in total darkness, your melatonin production won’t work properly and this would affect your mood and health. Also, make sure that you turn off wi-fi before you sleep as it also affects melatonin production.
  4. Mirrors: If you are keeping the mirror in your bedroom then make sure either it is round or oval. Also, make sure that you position the mirror in such a way that you cannot see your reflection while lying on the bed.
  5. Colour: Use relaxing and romantic colours like red or pink. Avoid blue or cold colours. If you have blue coloured walls then give it a touch up with red or pink cushions. Ensure that you add red colour in your bedroom as it symbolizes love.
  6. Use images: Put some loving images in your bedroom or something that represents love. Place some meaningful images in the love area of your bedroom or desk.
  7. Clean your love area/bedroom: Make sure that you do not have clutter or trash in the love area of your bedroom. Also keep your bedroom, wardrobes and desks clean.
  8. Efforts: Only balancing interior of your home cannot build your relationship strong. You also need to put some real efforts in relationship. Every relation requires willpower, understanding, tolerance and empathy. Learn to resolve the problems using the right communication skills.
  9. Hug: Physical contact like hugging helps to release oxytocin hormone which relieves stress. It has been found that a 20-second hug reduces the harmful physical effects of stress by boosting the immune system and reducing fatigue.

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