I want to find more friends!

How to make friends in adulthood. An unexpectedly hard self-experiment.

I always thought that I would find friends everywhere, anytime, and most of all, super-fast. My life experience spoke for a long time for this steep thesis: My parents have kidnapped me in my childhood and youth about every five years across the Republic to a new place of residence. Again and again new federal states, strange dialects, and the homesickness for the old place of residence – nothing could prevent that I quickly settled in and rapidly had a new grape friend around me.

Friends abound

After graduation, I moved far away for the first time. And I also had a lot of friends at my place of study. I’ll tell you: At some point, it was really annoying that I met all sorts of friends and acquaintances as soon as I left my apartment – in which, of course, also always nice people were guests. What have I despised people who have never left their home village, who spend every day with their kindergarten friends who say that they are just family people and therefore do not want to live too far away from mom and dad to study? Disgusting, such a comfort, I thought to myself, grabbed my seven things after graduation and moved away to first spend some time abroad and then to start my first job.

And then? Nothing! Nobody! Not only for days, no: For weeks, for months, I admit it: For years, low tide was in my friend statistics. At work: Only colleagues who were about 30 years older than me. And at home: A tiny one-room apartment, which I shared only with a house spider and a few woolly mice. If you do not find friends don’t worry just click here we find friends for you in online free chat. In these chat rooms, you will chat any strangers without login and signup and become friends and make audio and video calls on online free chat rooms.


Be damned, fate!

I cried, raged, was angry, cursed destiny, and wished for nothing more than a village in which I had always lived. With friends that I would have met at the hospital right after my birth. “You are not alone” my then-boyfriend and present husband whispered to me with high Michael Jackson singing voice regularly via Skype in the ear. By Skype! Because yes, we had a long-distance relationship. That too! Nobody was there for me. No one liked me, understood me, and would ever like me. I was convinced of that. But how could that have happened? Why is it so hard to find new friends as adults? The whole topic has recently boiled up in me again like the pasta water on a too hot stove and another place where you find friends is online free chat rooms.

Find friends at work

It was a difficult business in my first job. The colleagues were all in their mid-50s, whereas I am not 30. Of course, even with 50, you can be really sympathetic. That’s right, I’ve experienced it! But quite quickly I gave up the topic of finding friends at that job. So I accepted the condition and was just happy when I at least finally got it, who wins or doses whom. Me: first had to be all sweetheart, then I was allowed a dozen. Everyone else: Dustan, but two of them marched. Things got really complicated when the boss wanted to address everyone at the same time!

Find friends in the community college

A VHS course! Nothing seemed more obvious to me to find a whole bunch of new friends. So I signed up for the Spanish course. I remember an extremely annoying person in the class, whom I would not even want to have a girlfriend if all the rest of humanity had died out. Then there were a few gray shadows whose name I do not remember even remotely – and a nice person, as old as me and also drawn and hungry for friendship. We collapsed like the fruit flies on the organic waste. Tirelessly we made an appointment and ignored that we were two fruit flies with different tastes. At some point, she moved away. Since then we have neither written nor missed each other. Was nothing! Next try…

Find friends by learning together

Learning Spanish at the Volkshochschule did not help to find friends. So I started two attempts to meet nice native speakers, with the help of which I could improve my Spanish and you could improve your German. What can I say?! Twice a direct hit. Unfortunately, my first language daddy speaks German so well that we do not speak Spanish anymore. And the second is well on its way. But hey, this is not about my language skills, but about friendship! Samos amigos! Otherwise, you find friends online by using online free chat rooms.

Find friends through friends recycling

I am in the happy situation of living in a place where my younger brother spent his last years of schooling. When my parents decided to move again, I went to college and my brother unpacked his boxes at my current place of residence. When I moved here, he had long since crossed the mountains himself, leaving me a good number of friends to serve. A funny bunch, really nice people! I thought every time I celebrated with them birthday or Christmas or whatever. And then? We did not see each other again for months, during which I cried out of loneliness to sleep. Why did not I contact them more often? I do not know either. I totally like them all. But those who left their hometown for a long time to become surrounded by new friends and sometimes lonely in the wide world became really close to my heart. I love you, Tilla and Claudi!

Find friends by asking

“Shall we play?” Wow, it was easy as a kid to make friends. Another child looks nice? Go back and make friends. What a great attitude to life. It happens to me time and again that I meet people that I find absolutely likable. In my mind then runs the question of the continuous loop: “Do you want to be my friend?” I have never asked. But once I was very close! My bank advisor, I’ll tell you just now, I’m so incredibly sympathetic. If she’s consulting me for anything, we’re chatting for hours about God and the world. She is just as old as me. I think so, we are destined to be friends. Okay, maybe she has learned in some course how she can always move on the wavelength of her customers – to then turn as many products as possible. If that’s true, she’s not quite there yet. I still only have a simple checking account. But I still like to go to her at every opportunity. Once I took all my courage and invited them to a Thermo mix demonstration at my home. Unfortunately, she could not. The other invitees also not. So I cooked something on my own in my Thermo mix, saw that it was a lame event and then cried myself to sleep.


Find friends over the offspring

Okay, that’s a bit of a selfish reason to have a baby, but I can safely state that my friend statistic has exploded ever since. In any case compared to the lousy values?? Of the past years. Hey, my banker has also had a baby! I should rattle off all the toddlers in the area until I meet her “by chance”. Or rather not? Otherwise, you might think again, I’m a stalker.

And? Found friends?

Six years after the great loneliness, I conclude the following conclusion: The journey to the land of friendship is hard, is no fun and is not a self-run even after arrival. I have not arrived in an ideal condition yet. I’ve made some friends by now, but they’re all isolated friends. Such a real circle of friends that would be something nice! So far, I have never once dared to invite nice people for my birthday – fearing that all the individuals will have to drop off one at a time and I’ll have to bottle the bottle of champagne alone. Or worse: That not all, but only cancel almost all.

Then two or three individuals would be there and would immediately know my dark secret: I have no real circle of friends who wants to spend my day of honor with me. I am lonely, alone, nobody loves me. And on the radio, Michael Jackson would sing by accident “You are not alone”, I would cry and then out of shame never again with the few friends who had come. So celebrate your birthday again? Let’s see. Maybe at least my house spider and the woolly mice will come. These are true friends. They do not even leave me if I insult them and go to hell. Truly touching! So it’s true: I’m not alone!

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